Let’s start with a question…

"you're always going to learn something from one of Ash's events"

Ash's events are always high energy, interesting and exceptionally motivating. You know you're always going to learn something from one of Ash's events, and that's why I invest the time in going to them!

What did you think it would be like?

You know, running and growing your own business.

What about the reality?

I bet it’s more like this:

You’re the owner, the manager, the one with all the ideas. You’re the marketer, the salesperson, the bookkeeper, the receptionist. Oh, and you also make the tea.

You feel like you’re working 24/7, and you dare not go on holiday because your business is all about you. Days go past in a whirl, but despite being so busy, nothing seems to get done.

Worse, a lot of the time you feel you’re over-promising and under-delivering, which you hate. 

Most of your friends just don’t get it. They think that with all the hours you put in you must be a millionaire by now. Your partner doesn’t get it because your work-life balance is frankly a joke.

You have no one to talk to about this – because you’re supposed to know it all right? You’re an expert in your field. How can you admit you don’t know everything?

And you know, you just know – your business could be more than it is. You know this because you see it happening for other business owners.

How do I know this?

My name is Ash Taylor. I’m a business owner, like you and an award winning business coach. Whilst I’ve never run your business and, likely, I don’t have the technical skills that you do – I have run my own businesses successfully for the past 20 years.

There has been great success in that time. I’ve had the team, the brilliant marketing campaigns, the days when you feel you can’t do anything wrong and the joy of breaking targets and smashing goals – I’ve been flash. I’ve played the big “I am.”

I’ve done the 70-hour weeks of hustle because that’s what everyone said I should do.

What. A. Plonker.

I’ve also lost pretty much everything. My house, the long-term relationship I was in and (almost) the relationship with my only daughter.

From high-flying success to sleeping in my car, within weeks.


Because I was chasing someone else’s version of success.

  • Because I was busy comparing myself to those people rather than building something for me.
  • Because, while people tried to guide me, I let them in too late and listened with a closed mind.
  • Because I didn’t know what I know now.
  • I’ve learned a lot about running a business. Add to that over 40,000 hours of facilitating, coaching, and educating; which means I’m in a strong place to help other people.

People like you.

We’ve come a long way in the last five years. People like you, working with me. Yes, it’s clichéd, and possibly an overused word, but it fits so I’m using it. I’m proud. Proud of what we’ve achieved together. You can read some of their stories here if you’re interested.

So, what did I learn?

I learned that when you break it down, business is quite simple. That, if you apply yourself to simple things, consistently your business improves.

Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?

No? That’s because it isn’t.

It may be simple, but it’s not always easy. It’s not easy because it can be a little boring.

If there’s one thing that 26 years of coaching professional sports taught me, it’s that the best players are not always the most talented.  The best turn up consistently for training, push themselves and do the work.

There is no magic wand…

If that’s what you’re looking for – a quick fix, a supercharged solution in double-quick time, you’re in the wrong place.

The truth is, the journey to business success isn’t sexy, it’s a lot of fun, it’s rewarding, it will be hard work, but it’s not quick, and it’s not done in six weeks.

I’m not a guru.

I’m like you. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve succeeded, and I’ve also failed.

I also can’t make you any promises.

The thing is – everyone is trying to sell you their solution. The SEO guy wants you to believe SEO is the answer to your problem. The Facebook ads specialist will convince you Facebook ads are the solution. The Google PPC company wants you to use them to deliver leads for you as that will be the best thing to do. None of this is wrong because the likelihood is you may need some or all these things.

I can’t deliver any of this for you. I can’t sell you any of those things. In the same way that as a Tennis Coach – I couldn’t hit the balls for my players.

What you will get are solutions that will deliver your version of success. 

Our Business Clubhouse members don’t have flash cars, flash houses, yachts, or private jets.

They work hard but with balance. They pick the kids up from school and go to sports days.

They have date nights. They go on holidays.

They pay themselves each month and have the money for their tax bill. They play golf (often with me, but that’s not compulsory!), stay fit and take salsa dancing classes (never with me). They don’t do all the work, and the work they do is the right work. They support charities and take the weekends off.

Building a business can be boring. Building a life driven by that business is not.

Here’s your opportunity to join them.

What do you get?

It’s very simple. The Business Clubhouse is all about action. Simple but effective action regularly. Weekly, in fact.

None of it alone is life (business) changing but together creates compound change.

Why? Because persistence beats intensity.

  • Each week you’ll receive a proven simple action that when applied, will have a positive change on your business. These are not made up actions. These are actions that have worked for me in the past, work for me now, work for our members and will work for you.
  • You’ll get access to live interactive group calls every week at convenient times. You’ll be able to ask questions (and get answers), meet other members, and resolve any business challenges you may have. This will also be a chance to share your successes with the community.
  • At least once a month, you’ll be able to attend a deep-dive workshop. These are on topics where we know the content will have a greater impact. Topics such as understanding your numbers, writing copy, sales techniques or building the best customer journey.

Doesn’t sound like much, does it?

That’s because you’re used to people offering you incredible amounts of content and information for one crazy low price that will make you a millionaire in 6 weeks (that’s never happened btw).

We believe in simple. We believe in realistic, and we believe in achievable.

Nobody wants more stuff to do.

If your business is anything like mine have been, the last thing you need is more stuff to do. You’ve got the delivery, the admin, the financial stress already. Let’s face it; you’re reading this because you want different, you want change, you want support, and you don’t want to add to the existing overwhelm.

What do you NOT get?

  • A load of false promises that are difficult to keep
  • Overwhelm. Our job is to keep you as a member for the long term. That means consistently delivering things that will consistently deliver for your business.
  • Us doing it all for you. This is your business (there’s still no magic wand), you must take responsibility, ownership and be accountable for the way it performs.

How does it work?

  1. You join The Business Clubhouse
  2. You start receiving the weekly actions and implement the strategies
  3. You attend the calls and workshops
  4. You get results, see the benefits and do more as you’re enjoying those results
  5. You tell other people about us 🙂

How much is membership of The Business Clubhouse?

Membership of The Business Clubhouse is only £99/month and the first month is FREE!

That’s it. No fancy offers. No free magic wand if you pay by the end of the month. No 27 bonuses worth £9.997.97 if you buy today. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I told you we like simple.

£99 gets you a lot of things. Lots of things that you don’t blink at paying for, week after week, month after month.

  • Gym memberships
  • Dinner for two
  • A spa treatment or haircut
  • New shoes
  • A (small) case of wine

£99 is something you can afford if you choose to. Not spending money on yourself and your business is like not eating healthily when you want to get fit. If you run, you get decent running shoes. If you love music, you pay for decent speakers and amp. If you cycle, you pay for shoes, bike, lid, lycra (sic) and puncture repair kits. If you have an office, you fill it with stuff you “might need”.

If you want to improve your business, you need to invest some money, some time and some energy.

There is a caveat though. If £99/month is more than 5% of your monthly revenue, you need to think seriously about whether this is right for you. The last thing we want to do is add financial pressure on your business. I also know that it’s easy to start to resent membership fees when things are challenging, and you don’t see instant results (still no magic wand).

How to join The Business Clubhouse

Sign up now, get your first month for FREE and if you don’t like it you can cancel at anytime, it’s a no-brainer!

What are you waiting for? Join the team today.