25 hours a day, 8 days a week

I’ve just jumped off a call with a client where we were discussing his goals for 2024, fears of failure (and success) and work ethic.

You see, his answer to many of his challenges is to work harder and put more time into the business.

He’s constantly looking for more efficiencies to get more done, quicker.

On the face of it, this seems like a perfectly good solution.  We’re often told, work harder and you’ll achieve anything you want.

The trouble is this only works to a point.

He’s confused working hard with hard work.

Putting in a shift, grafting, knuckling down eventually catches up with you and can burn you out.

The hard work is figuring out what steps you need to take to move the business forward without you working harder.

The hard work is getting your head around the stuff that you’re not great at, that you can’t hide behind.

The numbers, the leading, the sales you dislike doing.

Everyone has that “thing” they shy away from and just work harder to avoid it.

Except you can’t.

Not if you want to grow and you want your business to grow.

You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable by doing hard work.

As we edge toward the end of this year, start thinking (more hard work) about how to make 2024 a year when you get the success you want and deserve.

Or, when you do work out how to “make more time”, let me know – we can certainly sell that!

If you want help figuring out what work you should be doing – hit reply and we’ll make it happen.

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