How can I deal with or prevent burnout?

I think many business minded people start off in life thinking only about the money – how much can I make and how quickly can I make it?


We put money above all else at the expense of the rest of our lives.


I was no different …


I lost a lot during that period of my life.

Time with friends

Precious memories with Josie


Eventually, with a little adversity as perspective, I realised it didn’t HAVE to be that way. I didn’t HAVE to miss out.


I had a choice…


I stopped using the shit as an excuse to hold myself back …

Instead I started to use those experiences as an opportunity to grow.


I created a better version of myself and that version made better choices; letting myself to grow in the process.


There’s still shit there.  There always will be. I just learnt not to use it as an excuse for not getting stuff done.


I learned that to make this happen I had to look after me first. 


I had to like me.


Here’s the 4 steps I took, that you can take too:


  1. Unplug

    Weird, I know but just turn all the stuff off.  One day, half a day, it doesn’t matter.  Go out and leave the phone at home.  Stay off the iPad, don’t watch TV, don’t use the laptop, the headphones, the kindle, the Xbox; the Play Station.

    Get away from the hive for a bit and away from the constant noise, the permanent information overload.


  2. Reward yourself

    I was so good at telling myself at how bad I was at everything.  What I couldn’t do, what I was missing.  I forgot to congratulate myself on what I had achieved, remind myself that what I had was a hell of a lot more than others do.

    Keep a list of achievements, take a break, buy yourself something when you achieve a goal; whatever it is, take a look around you and say “I did good”.

  3. Get outside

    I spent 20 years working outdoors  and I forgot what this felt like.  Go for a walk (remember how?) whether you have a dog or not.  Get some fresh air, reconnect with what’s going on.

    I do my best thinking when I’m outside and make my best decisions.

  4. Ask yourself why

    This is probably the most important.  Just check in and ask why you’re doing something.  Ask if it’s going to add to your life or drain energy.

    Things should have a purpose that means something to you.  If not, don’t do it.  Just say no.



Be kind to yourself, just a little bit every day.

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