5 tips for couples in business

Running a business is really tough, making a marriage work can also be very challenging.

When you combine the two by running a business with your significant other it can be double the trouble. However, if done right you’ll have an incredible bond with your other half and the recipe for a successful life together.

Here’s my 5 tips for having a successful (and harmonious) life when your business partner is also your life partner; 


  1. Be Honest With Each Other

    Make sure you both know exactly where the other wants to go in life; in business and in your personal life. Sit down together, regularly, to review and plan your goals and be willing to discuss them in depth. You may even learn more about what you want along the way.

  2.  Have Clearly Defined Roles

    To avoid misunderstandings, make sure you both know exactly what your roles and responsibilities are within the business. This is even more important if you have other employees so that they are clear on the dynamics of the business. You may even want to write it down for complete clarity (for everyone).

  3. Ban Business Talk At Home

    This is personal to you as only you know how much business talk affects your home life. However, I suggest having clear rules around when it’s acceptable and when it’s not. You could either have dedicated business talk times during evenings, weekends and holidays OR you could have sacred personal time where you ban any business talk (think dinner time and Sunday mornings in bed). It’s up to you to find the right solution.

  4.  Speak (And Send) With Care

    Ever sent an email in a hurry or a rage which you later regretted? While you may have irked the person on the receiving end you probably didn’t have to deal with the fallout and after a little cooling off you may even have salvaged the relationship. If you do that to your other half it ends up going home with you and causing a lot of unnecessary hurt. Take time to add some niceties to emails for your partner or at least think on that harsh reply before sending it.

  5.  Align Your Work Ethics

    Part of ensuring you and your partner are on the same page is ensuring you both have an equal view of things. From workload to holidays and setting your own hours. If one of you is putting in more than the other when you were expecting a 50/50 split it can cause friction.

Lastly, always remember you are life partners first, then business partners.

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