A Brief Moment Of Reflection

There are few things I enjoy more than having my breakfast and morning coffee outside on a bright morning.   


It helps that I live on an orchard and I’m lucky to be out in the peace and quiet of nature… 


But that moment of quiet reflection is always welcome when so much of our lives are so busy.  


I’m not saying that everyone should do as I do but taking a moment to yourself to pause, take a deep breath and let everything wash over you is invaluable. 


Because at times, life can just pass us by. 


Take The Time To Smell The Flowers 


Not in the sense that we’re not living but in the sense that we’re almost a quarter of the way through 2023 now and if, like me, you’ve been busy focusing on day-to-day stuff, the bigger picture can get lost amongst everything else. 


As business owners, we’re always trying to spin half a dozen plates at once and after a while, that can become tiring.  


And I find that time to myself is a great way to be introspective about everything… 


Including my long-term plans.  


Let’s face it, your diary isn’t going to magically throw up some free time so you can do whatever you like. If there’s a free spot, it’ll be taken up by a task, a meeting, or something else cropping up and dragging your attention away. 


So, what do you do?  


Well, you have to MAKE the time. 


Take an hour in your diary and block it out – that’s your time to do what you want with. 


Go for a walk, take yourself to lunch, or have a late start… just make sure you take the time to be at one with your thoughts. 


And while you do so, the question I want you to think about is this: 


Is everything you’re doing helping you achieve your long-term goal? 


It’s easy to lose sight of your goals, whether that’s building a business for your children to take over, selling within 5 years so you can retire, or earning enough to have a couple of holidays a year and live in a nice house. 


Whatever it is, everything you do should be geared towards reaching that goal – but we often lose sight. 


So, today I’m asking you to take a moment to yourself whenever you can and consider whether you’re on the right track… 


And if you think you might not be, let me know – it might be worth a chat. 

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