A Day of Inspiration, Challenge and Momentum

This week’s blog has been guest written by Martin Gladdish of The Business Ghost  and gives his take on our event in December.


One thing I learned long ago in my self-employed, one-man-band, solo-entrepreneur career is that going it alone is tough. Later, it became abundantly clear to me that ‘tough’ was an understatement and that impossible is a far more accurate description of a go-it-alone endeavour. In recent years, the absolute truth of the matter has enlightened my small-business-owner world.


“The better the people you mix with, in business, the richer the ride.”

The ethereal art of bringing people together

I’ve tried everything since I started out on my own. Membership of organised networking groups, the more casual turn-up-as-you-please events, entrepreneur training programmes, online support, local authority chambers, national federations, and many more. I’d even run a few of these groups myself and tried my hand at business coaching along the way, but I only ever felt I was giving or getting 60-70%.


People matter: and there is clearly a dark art that I don’t appear to possess in bringing the right people together. In fact, the term ‘dark’ seems almost inappropriate here: it is more like a light, magical or ethereal talent.

Cliché alert: the best event of 2019

So, having been a part of one of Ash Taylor’s Mastermind groups for a year, and seeing a glimpse of that art in practice; I was looking forward to meeting more of the people who work with him at his 2019 Christmas event. It was lightly billed as a little bit of training and some guest speakers (without the usual over-selling, glitz and glamour often associated with these events) but ‘wow’ did it pack some punch.


Now, I am not one for clichés; but it was, without a doubt, the best event I attended all year and here is a brief summary of what I learned from the speakers Ash had brought together:


Emma Hollings of Emma Hollings Photography: at 24 years old, half the age of many in the room, the inspirational entrepreneur’s story proves that anyone can change their circumstances. There is a saying in life that ‘you make your own luck’ and while on the face of it this may appear to be true, Emma’s talent and tenacity demonstrate that you just need to keep putting yourself in the right places until the right time comes along. Never stop!


Ellen Long of Wiser Interiors: on the face of it, inheriting an established family business sounds like an easy way into small business success. Don’t you believe it for a second! From dealing with severe imposter syndrome to undoing the strongest of emotional ties and taking all-or-nothing risks, Ellen’s story taught us all to “be more peach”. Stay soft on the outside (the world needs more nice people) but be as hard as you need to be on the inside (because we all need to fight sometimes too).


James Welsh – serial entrepreneur: with several successful business ventures on the go, mostly related to his own passion for sport, James’ passion stems from a promising professional football career cut short through injury. His clear message was that brilliant individuals need brilliant teams around them. No matter how good you are, you simply cannot navigate the success roadmap alone. Know your weaknesses and let others fill the gaps with their strengths.


Together with Ash’s insights and the challenges he offered out to the room to address in our own work/life scenarios, the day was amazing. More than that though, it was a proactive room full of people who cared, contributed and have continued to apply themselves and support each other in the weeks that followed.


People matter: and we all met and mixed with some great people that day.

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