A little rant

This week I’ve set aside some time to make some calls.  Josie engineered a deal with me that she could have some Minecraft time while I made those calls (right now she’s reading) which she was very happy with.

The experience has been an interesting and frustrating one.

I had a number of calls to make, 4 of which were scheduled and the others were all follow ups that people had asked me to get in touch with them.  I also had to do some research leading me to fill out a few contact forms on websites.

Here’s what happened:

Of the 4 scheduled calls only 2 picked up.  That means 2 people agreed to use my time (knowing I was with Josie) for either mutual benefit and in one instance paid time and didn’t pick up.

I’m pretty astounded by this.  It shows a complete lack of respect for me and my time.  One call would have led to me giving these people money and the other already has.

Of the other calls, 3 had reasonable answer phone messages, jolly and positive and 1 even promised to call me back within 24 hours.  I’m still waiting for even an acknowledgement of the call.  1 just rang and rang till I got bored, another had a call answering service which was top drawer and 2 others advertised their mobile phone providers.

So, of the 10 calls I only managed to speak to 2 people.  I simply don’t understand how these businesses survive.  Surely getting new customers is something they want to happen?  There are so many ways of ensuring that I, their potential customer is looked after and communicated with.

Recording decent answerphone messages or engaging an answerphone service is so easy to implement and makes such a difference.

I filled out 4 contact forms.  One came back automated saying “we don’t do that anymore, kind regards” – useful.  One came back as a personal email to me with “we’ll get someone to call you in the next 2 hours” (yesterday).

Nothing from the other 2 although I have been sent a customer satisfaction survey from one of them which as you can imagine, I took great pleasure in filling out!

It’s not hard.  If you can’t answer your phone, get someone else to or use a decent answer phone message.  Get back to people and if you’re going to use contact forms, read them!

Rant over – We’re off to the park for some sunshine 🙂

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