The Business Clubhouse is for ambitious, lifestyle business owners who want more…

"Ash holds you to account (in the nicest possible way)"

I have engaged Ash as a coach on several occasions and have no doubt I will do so again in the future. Ash has an excellent ability to see right to the core of an issue and assist you in finding solutions. Importantly, he is a great listener, is supportive and, having been in business himself, understands the issues I face. Ash is a 'people person' and has real empathy. Always encouraging, Ash holds you to account (in the nicest possible way) and has supported me, and my team, in considering our short- and long-term goals! I would highly recommend Ash if you want a coach to help you achieve them. Very importantly he is a thoroughly lovely bloke, if you can put aside his love of QPR! 😉

"helping me overcome my biggest barrier (me)"

I'd considered working in the past with Ash, but timing never worked out... but at the end of 2017, it all slotted into place and I joined one of his Mastermind Groups - and it was a fantastic decision. The Mastermind concept worked fantastically, and Ash's own credibility and insight were the perfect driving force for the group. I've renewed again for 2019 (which is a recognition of the help I've received), and Ash's (and the group's) belief in me and my abilities is helping me overcome my biggest barrier (me) and succeed. A coach is individual to you and so Ash's style may not mesh with your own... BUT... I guarantee that having an introductory chat with him will be hugely valuable, and if you feel the fit is right - go for it!

I’ve coached all my life. I strongly believe in the power of coaching, the strength that comes from community and the self-belief that comes from sharing success with your peers.

I also believe this shouldn’t be exclusive.

A long time ago, I was given an opportunity. Someone took a chance on me. He supported me when I couldn’t afford his fees.

Now is my chance to stop that exclusivity, just as he did, and help people, like you, who recognise they want support and are willing to jump in, one step at a time to change their businesses and their lives.

The Business Clubhouse is for ambitious, lifestyle business owners who want more but recognise they don’t want to sacrifice the life they have to get there.

This is about being a fitter business. One that delivers what you want, without compromising your values or negatively impacting your (current) lifestyle. To get fitter, you need to train. You need to have the right environment and receive coaching and support. Improving the fitness of your business is no different.

It’s not sexy, and it’s not glamorous. You’ll have to sweat, you’ll get uncomfortable, and you’ll push yourself. You’ll also learn how to rest and how to enjoy your successes.
And I’ll let you into a secret. Probably, the greatest secret I’ve discovered if I’m honest! To gain success in anything, you have to practice. You have to practice, and you have to practice deliberately.

You’ll discover that 80% of practice is about just turning up. Deciding to start. Taking the micro-action that leads to the next, and the next and the next. It’s how empires are built, weight loss is conquered, marathons are run, and businesses become successful.

This is why The Business Clubhouse exists

Our Mission is to enable business owners to be the best version of themselves; helping them craft the results they need for the life they want.
We do this through:

  • Building community
  • Taking persistent action
  • Sharing success

Sharing success verbally and with the community is part of our DNA.

And it’s what made it an easy decision to partner with Rennie Grove Hospice care which also supports and gives strength to those who need it most, at the end of their lives.

So our Vision is to work with 300+ business owners achieve their version of success and to support Rennie Grove Hospice’s team for three nights a month.

Help 300 businesses
We've helped 131
169 businesses to go

We believe in:

  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Practice

We don’t believe in:

  • Fairies (with or without) magic wands
  • Moaning and complaining
  • Bullshit / Excuses

…yes, these last two are interchangeable, and we also hate bullshit excuses.

About Ash

My life is all about having the things I want when I want them. This doesn’t mean to excess. It means building a business that works for me. It means making a dent on my immediate universe of family and friends.

I tell myself I’m lucky every day; however, I’m reminded of the quote by “The Black Knight” Gary Player, one of the world’s greatest golfers “The more I practice, the luckier I get”.

There have been times in my life where the practice has been hard. There’s been no winning, and simply turning up has been the only thing I’ve been able to do that day.

But, you know you must persevere. And I did. And now I’m lucky.

My life is full. It’s full of joy, and it’s full of purpose. It’s weekly date nights with my wife, lots of gym time, football days, and plenty of golf. It’s dinner with friends where I have the time to cook. It’s plenty of holidays, and it’s living in a beautiful cottage next to an orchard. It’s walking the dog (Rodney) whenever I want, and it’s chopping wood for the open fire with one of my three (yes, three) axes.

Even though she’s now 17, Josie time is sacrosanct.

I’m not a millionaire and nor do I want to be one. That doesn’t mean I haven’t built a business that enables me to live a balanced, purposeful, fun lifestyle.

Life for me is about planning for the future, learning from the past, and — most of all — living in the present.

I’m thankful every day for what practice has earned me. I’ve stopped searching for success because I’ve realised that I have a successful life, right now.

Now, I’m searching for ways to help others have the same success – on their terms.