What exactly is The Business Clubhouse?

"Ash holds you to account (in the nicest possible way)"

I have engaged Ash as a coach on several occasions and have no doubt I will do so again in the future. Ash has an excellent ability to see right to the core of an issue and assist you in finding solutions. Importantly, he is a great listener, is supportive and, having been in business himself, understands the issues I face. Ash is a 'people person' and has real empathy. Always encouraging, Ash holds you to account (in the nicest possible way) and has supported me, and my team, in considering our short- and long-term goals! I would highly recommend Ash if you want a coach to help you achieve them. Very importantly he is a thoroughly lovely bloke, if you can put aside his love of QPR! 😉

"helping me overcome my biggest barrier (me)"

I'd considered working in the past with Ash, but timing never worked out... but at the end of 2017, it all slotted into place and I joined one of his Mastermind Groups - and it was a fantastic decision. The Mastermind concept worked fantastically, and Ash's own credibility and insight were the perfect driving force for the group. I've renewed again for 2019 (which is a recognition of the help I've received), and Ash's (and the group's) belief in me and my abilities is helping me overcome my biggest barrier (me) and succeed. A coach is individual to you and so Ash's style may not mesh with your own... BUT... I guarantee that having an introductory chat with him will be hugely valuable, and if you feel the fit is right - go for it!

It’s the resource I wish I’d been able to access when I was starting, building, and growing my first businesses.

Seriously, I know If I had access to somewhere like The Business Clubhouse my life would have been much easier, less stressful and more impactful.

I’ve spent over 40,000 hours coaching athletes and business leaders.  This gives you an insight into how people tick, what drives them, what stops them.

You learn a lot.

You see behind the eyes of the constant selfies that hide the truth and the “I’m great today, how are you Ash?”

You get the privilege of hearing the ‘real’ story.  The story they don’t share with the people closest to them.

I see the REAL problems business owners face.

And that’s what we’re all about.

I’ve distilled all those hours of learning from others, the listening to people like you, the hundreds of courses, the dozens of sleepless nights, the failures, and the successes into something that’s useful, helpful and most of all practical.

The Business Clubhouse is what I wish I’d had when I was looking for the right help.  Sure, there was support but there was always and I mean, always a hidden sales agenda behind everything.

I want this to be different.

The Business Clubhouse is a membership for business owners who want change.  Not change for change sake but change that matters.  If you want a million in sales in six weeks, you’re in the wrong place.  If you want to be part of a community that supports, challenges and lifts you up – keep reading – you’re in the right place.

At the heart of it is the Kit Bag. 

Dozens of hours of trainings on the topics that matter for you, for your business – At your fingertips, whenever you need it.

It’s all there in the Kit bag

  • Want to challenge your mindset around sales?  We have it.
  • Want to improve your ability to pitch your thing in front of people? It’s there.
  • Want to get a handle on your numbers without being told you’re stupid?  Yes, indeed, in the Kit Bag.

We know we don’t know everything so we’re always partnering with people who are experts in  all the dozens of areas we’re are expected to be brilliant at.  Except we’re not.  We can’t be.

Then there’s all the stuff that’s not in the Kit Bag.

There’s the Facebook group to get answers , support and have fun in a safe place.

The weekly coaching calls to challenge, motivate, inspire, support, and give you a place to share your wins.

The regular workshops on specialist topics designed to improve your practical business skills.

We want The Business Clubhouse to be about you.  Membership is capped.  It was one of my biggest frustrations when looking for help.  Getting lost amongst hundreds of other business owners.  The only way to get noticed?  Yup, pay more money.  Lots more money.

I want you to be noticed.  You want to be noticed and be part of a community where you’re a REAL member, not just making up the numbers.

I want you taking action, making progress, sharing your success and getting results.  I can’t do that unless I know who you are.

That’s why we only open the doors to membership three times a year.  This means we can focus on delivery without the distraction of marketing and sales.

Of course, I’m going to say The Business Clubhouse is a great place to be but it’s not just me – we literally have dozens of testimonials and case studies you can check out

So, how about it?  If you could get help on the stuff you need help on, whenever you need it wouldn’t that be something?

Here’s a small sample of the sort of stuff you can get hold of, in minutes, when you join.

  • Copywriting
  • Sales
  • Planning
  • Email Marketing
  • Mindset
  • Events
  • Outsourcing
  • Time management
  • Tracking sales
  • Dealing with overwhelm
  • Taking on staff

And, if we don’t have it, we’re working on it or I’ll find someone in my incredible network to deliver it. That’s how most of this stuff got in the Kit Bag in the first place, in response to what our members asked for.

Get involved from as little as £49/month, we’re currently taking members so don’t miss out.