Ash is the founder of The Business Clubhouse, an award winning entrepreneur and speaker.   He's the host of Hitting the Wall and That Interview Experience Podcasts and Author of the Amazon No.1 best selling book, Hitting the Wall

"My life is all about having the things I want when I want them. This doesn't mean to excess. It means building a business that works for me. It means making a dent on my immediate universe of family and friends.

I tell myself I'm lucky every day; however, I'm reminded of the quote by "The Black Knight" Gary Player, one of the world's greatest golfers "The more I practice, the luckier I get".

There have been times in my life where the practice has been hard. There's been no winning, and simply turning up has been the only thing I've been able to do that day.

But, you persevere. And I did. And that practice has paid off.

My life is full. It's full of joy, and it's full of purpose. It's weekly date nights with my wife, lots of gym time, football days, and plenty of golf. It's dinner with friends where I have the time to cook. It's plenty of holidays, and it's living in a beautiful cottage next to an orchard. It's walking the dog (Rodney) whenever I want, and it's chopping wood for the open fire with one of my three (yes, three) axes.

I'm not a millionaire. That doesn't mean I haven't built a business that enables me to live a balanced, purposeful, fun lifestyle.

Life for me is about planning for the future, learning from the past, and — most of all — living in the present.

I'm thankful every day for what practice has earned me. I've stopped searching for success because I've realised that I have a successful life, right now.

Now, I'm searching for ways to help others have the same success – on their terms."

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