How do I maintain quality and growth within my business?


Hi, Ash here with my quick Friday message.

When I recorded this message I was in Norfolk, on holiday. While there I went for a walk with Josie through the woods.

As we were going through the woods there was a pond there and the pond was really, really stagnant.

It was really green, really stagnant. And it got me thinking about your business as well.

Now, the reason that the pond is stagnant is cause there’s no current, the water’s not moving.

And because the water’s not moving, the algae has a chance to grow on top of the water and, obviously, that makes it stagnant and you get that horrible, green film on top.

And the same thing happens with business as well.

If you’re not always moving all the time, then your business is going to become stagnant.

If things don’t grow, they get stuck, you lose momentum and you become stagnant.

So that’s my little message today, is make sure that you’re always moving, always moving forward. You’re always doing something. You’ve always got that momentum.

Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a business that’s nasty, green, smelly, and stagnant.

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