An Unwanted Anniversary 

Last week, I celebrated an unwanted anniversary. 

It was a year since I had a cardiac “event” in Portugal while on a golf/marketing trip. 


I flew home and later in the year, heart surgery was on the cards. 


Fast forward to today and I’m stronger, fitter and healthier – and my golf swing is getting back to where it was just over a year ago. 


It was a tough few months and a reminder that I’m human and the most important thing I can do is to look after numero uno.  


Don’t Worry, I’m fine!  


The good news is that thanks to the work of lots of fantastic nurses, doctors and surgeons, I’m doing well. You could almost say I’m brand-new. 


Running a business can be an all-consuming and lonely place and it’s something I’ve talked to clients about for longer than I’d care to admit… 


It was probably about time I took my own advice.  


But it has given me the time and space to think about what’s important. 


I’ve always been good at taking a moment to smell the flowers and taking the time to reflect.  


It helps that I live on an orchard and I’m lucky to amongst nature while I take a quiet moment of reflection, in fairness.  


But sometimes we’re so busy living that life passes us by. 


The months drift by and before you know it, another summer’s here and the years seem to evaporate quicker than you’d like. 


Which is why taking the time to think about where you’re at and where you’re going is so important. 


And on that note, the one thing we’ve discussed more than any other at The Business Clubhouse is what it is that we provide to our clients.  


What Do You Do? 


Because I’m well aware that coaching and business support can seem vague when you’re not familiar with the person or how they operate. 


And we realised it was clarity – Clarity of thought, clarity of purpose, clarity of goals.  


The business owners we work with all have familiar problems – they’re time poor, constantly busy and their heads are buried in the day-to-day. 


So, we give them the time, space, and clarity to think about how they move forward and plot a path to a different business and a different life. 


And we can help you do the same. 


It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and start taking action – get in touch to find out how we can help you do just that today.   

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