Anyone for… thinking?

Sometimes I just hit a wall

I’d like to think I’m quite creative and I really enjoy writing these blogs, copy, thinking of email subject lines, coming up with ideas for clients marketing and so on.

The last couple of weeks I’ve just hit a wall (it’s why I’m overdue with this blog)

I’ve tried a few things and keep coming up with half ideas. You know, starting stuff but not feeling like its good enough.

To top it all I’ve had loads of ideas, projects, questions and plans floating around my head, taking up room and districting me as well as keeping me up at night.  I keep waking up thinking “what if I did that?” or “I wonder if that will work?”

You know when you just lie there, staring at the ceiling trying to make sense of a held idea that you half grasp whilst you’re half asleep. 


Just me then…

Yesterday though I happened to find myself with a couple of hours to spare. 

Now, this is a rarity in itself as I tend to schedule pretty much every hour each day. I schedule when to do my emails, make my calls, have lunch, write, do my planning, go the gym, tee off, travel And so on. 

You know, the simple stuff that makes you more personally effective.

So there I was with a couple of spare hours. It doesn’t matter why really.  I’d just caught up with myself and so I had a few options.

(I wasn’t near or on a golf course so playing or practising wasn’t one of them).

I could catch up with reading, do an extra bit of work on the business, get ahead of myself on a couple of projects or even do an extra few hundred words of the book.

Instead I found myself a nice secluded spot in a busy place. It was in the shade under a small tree at the village hotel in Farnborough.  It was really hot and I got myself a lovely cold drink (not a Pimms) and I did two things.

I thought…

and I wrote…

I just emptied all the stuff that was taking up space in my head and put it to paper.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve tried to do that in the past few weeks but it was the environment that made a difference.

I wasn’t at home for a start.

The walls weren’t saying “paint me”.

The lawn wasn’t saying “mow me”.

The electrics weren’t saying “shock me”.

I took myself out of my normal environment and just brain dumped.




I now have several new goals and fleshed out some stuff that’s been bugging me for a while (although I hadn’t realised it).

The last thing I did was write this.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take some time out, be environmentally friendly and see if you can’t clear some head space this week.  Do some thinking, musing, cogitating.  It’s an under-rated activity with huge benefits.

Ash Taylor