Are you a pleb?

2015-05-27 14.15.15I’m off on holiday today.

It’s the first time that Josie and I will have been abroad together and to say I’m excited is an understatement!

We’re packed, she’s got her passport and I even remembered to sort travel insurance out (yesterday)!

It’s also the first time Kay and I have had a proper holiday together so this is going to be a week that I hope will live long in our memories.

I’m completely switching off as soon as I’ve posted this. 

No emails.

Phone to divert.

No social media (I suspect there’ll be odd Josie inspired selfie on occasion to post)

While I’m out sitting by the pool in Gran Canaria, I’m also going to be a pleb.

I have Robbie and Nikki Richardson to thank for this little acronym.

You see, whilst I am going to relax I’m also going to spend some time PLANNING.  I’ll be reviewing my goals, doing a stock take of what I’ve achieved and thinking about what’s next for this year.

I’ll be spending some time LEARNING.  There are no less than 5 books in my bag.  They’re ones I’ve been saving up specially for this trip as I know I need the capacity (emotionally) to take on board the lessons learned and think about how I can make them work for me.

I’m going to spend some time EXECUTING. After all what’s the point of doing all that thinking and learning if you don’t do something with it?!  I’ll probably write.  I’ve been struggling for a bit with this but I know that when I’m away and in a different environment I’ll produce much more content.

The other thing I’ll be doing is BELIEVING.  We have goals, we have dreams and we’re pretty rubbish at taking time out to review our successes and reinforce that belief that we’re on the right track, to remind ourselves that success is about persistence and patience.

I won’t be spending all my time doing this but it will form a core part of why I want to be away.  It’s going to refresh me and inspire me. 

I urge you to take some time out this summer and just think…. Plan, Learn, Execute and Believe. Step away from the “day to day” and take stock.

It’s also going to be a chance to spend real quality time immersed with the two people I love most just enjoying what we have and reminding me why I do what I do.

I can’t wait!!

I’m off to catch my plane.

Hasta la Vista baby!