Arrogance Or Unwavering Certainty?

It seems strange to see any clips of sport being played without crowds now, doesn’t it? 


So much of what happens relies on the reactions of those lucky enough to witness sporting greatness and I was reminded of that at the recent Australian Open. 


Novak Djokovic won the tournament 12 months after being “Covid deported” in a headline story.  


He’s undoubtedly one of the all-time greats, not just in tennis, but in all sports. 


It’s easy to get lost in the current top athletes in the world and it can be difficult to compare eras when so much of sport, nutrition, and life has changed over the last 50 years… 


But you don’t win as many titles as Djokovic has by accident.  


At the presentation ceremony of the Australian Open, just 10 minutes after the gruelling final ended, he walked out wearing a tracksuit, as is customary.  


On it, he had the number ‘22’ embroidered – the number of Grand Slam victories he’d just reached. 


Is It Confidence, Arrogance, Or Unwavering Certainty?  


The questions around what is arrogant, what is confident, and what is that extra 10% that helps the great be great is always pertinent. 


But let’s look at the facts… 


I doubt that he’d spent those 10 minutes in the changing rooms sitting with a needle and thread, which means that he’d had the jacket made before he’d even won a single point in the final.  


Because he expected to win. 


His level of expectation is so high and there’s an important lesson in there… 


We get what we expect. 


There’s a temptation to go down the cliché, motivational route here – but we’ll avoid that road!  


Making It Happen 


It’s always good to have lofty ambitions.  


But the difference maker could be in how you set them. 


Because having positive expectations can frame the way you consider any potential obstacles. It’s something we talk about a lot at The Business Clubhouse… 


What do you need to do to achieve your goals? And more specifically, what are the things that might get in the way of you succeeding? 


Because that sort of positive framing can help you overcome challenges before they even become a reality. 


But if you’re not sure what to expect, that’s fine… 


It just means that we’ve got some work to do to figure out what it is together. 


So, shall we crack on? If you’re looking to find that winning mentality and map out how your path to success will shape up, it might be worth us having a chat… 

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