Are you keeping score?

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2014-06-02 11.41.11I played golf on Friday in the EC golf day. Although it rained, hard, it was a great day and one that will I hope be repeated.

As a side note, a number of people didn’t show up or pulled out last minute which was a shame but it didn’t spoil the day. This isn’t a blog about commitment though it could be but I do find it frustrating when people say they’re going to do something (even paying) and then not show up – manners being the least of my issues!

Anyway back to the golf, or more importantly keeping score…

You see we went out on groups of 4 with a team scorecard and at the end of the day these cards were handed on to a pro to work the scores out and find a winning team and individual.  This is fairly normal format.

We had a great time, despite the weather and hooray…. We won

Expect we didn’t

You see the way we kept score was different to everyone else.

We were trying to be helpful.

We posted our nett scores rather than the gross

So after the pro had taken in the cards and added them all up it looked like we had won on paper but it was a false reflection of our game.

We hadn’t kept score properly.

We knew it.

The team that actually won knew It.

So we gracefully declined acceptance of any honour explaining what had happened.

Then came the individual awards, except almost no one had kept track of their own scores…

Players didn’t have a clue.  Sure, you knew if you had played well or rubbish (average in my case) but very few people had kept their own score.

I didn’t either.

So there was lots of umming and ahhinng and re counting and respectfully nods and a winner was found – everyone happy.

I’ve played a lot of comps and golf days and charity days and never seen anything like it. This isn’t a criticism of the day (it was superb) but it really blew me away how the scoring was so badly organised – that wasn’t the Intent,  it just happened that way.

You see you have to keep score in golf, in fact it’s a responsibility laid out in the rules, that you’re responsible for your score card, it must be completed correctly and signed and witnessed by your playing partners.

The thing is that you have to keep score in business too. 

It’s essential and it never ceases to amaze me how many people just don’t have a clue what their numbers are.

If the scores on Friday had been our numbers in a business it would have been a disaster.  You simply cannot know how well you’re doing unless you keep track of your numbers.

And you have to know what those numbers are and make sure everyone involved knows what they are and how they will be measured and evaluated.

You can’t make it up as you go along or hope that someone is keeping score for you

It’s your responsibility to know your numbers, to know what the score is at every stage of the game you’re playing otherwise how you know how well you’re doing?

Even if your driver isn’t monetary, it’s how we measure business success and you need to know how successful you’re being to be able to adjust your game plan accordingly

So, Are you keeping score in your business? 

If not, maybe you should be – you might find out you’re winning….

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