Are you resolved to fail?

new-years-resolutionSo you’ve clinked your glasses together, ushered in the New Year with optimism and hope and I suspect you’ve even made some New Year’s Resolutions…

It’s the same every year…

This is the year you’ll lose weight/get fitter.

This is the year you’ll stop smoking/not drink so much.

This is the year you’ll see your friends more regularly and speak to your mum every week.

This is the year you’ll stick to going to the gym or play more golf.

This is the year you’ll really make that step change in your business by actually working on your business every day, doing that marketing you’ve been putting off and finally taking on that first member of staff.

This is the year you’ll finally write that book.

How many of the “resolutions” that you made last year did you actually keep?

Be honest…

Here’s the thing. Resolutions are a complete waste of time. I know; I pretended to make and keep them for years.

I completely believe your intentions were right but what happened to the application to achieve them?

It’s not even about will power or mindset, it’s about creating habits or breaking old ones and that’s really hard.

Not drinking in the evening with your meal when that’s what you’ve always done.

Not lighting up after a meal when that’s what you’ve always done.

Remembering to plank every day for 30 seconds when you’ve never done it before is hard.

Being disciplined enough to go to the driving range and hit 100 balls everyday when you never practise is hard.

You go to the gym three times a week for a few weeks and PUT ON weight (and it’s hard) so you stop.

So, you get to February and you’re into the routine of work again, the excitement has died down, it’s cold and wet and dark… it’s hard…

You don’t see success quickly enough so you give up

And your mum never lets you get a word in edgeways anyway.

We’ve all done it.

What you need instead of resolutions are goals that are SMART. You need to make them public and you need to spend time with people who will encourage you, support you and cajole you when it’s hard.

You’re 80% more likely to achieve your goals if you share them with someone.

What you might want to do is take a look at this short (3 and a half minutes long) video that I’ve recorded which might just provide a solution to making sure you stick to your goals in 2016.

Take a look; it won’t be for everyone but it might be for you…

Alternatively if you just want to discuss your goals and your plans for achieving them in 2016 then organise a call and we’ll arrange a meeting to do just that.

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