Away Day

I’m just about to go away for the weekend with Kay, my other half.

Why am I telling you this? Because what we’ll do while we’re away, is spend tomorrow morning planning next year.

I’m using that word really particularly.  Plan, not set goals. We already did that six or seven weeks ago including creating my latest vision board.

I know exactly what next year, the next 18 months, is going to look like for me.

What we haven’t done yet is put the plan in place to make sure that that happens  So what we’ll do is sit down and look at all the things that are really, really important to us.  The big rocks, if you like.

Things like when date night will be, when I’ve got Josie, the times when we’re going on holiday. We’ll slot all our holidays in for next year.

Things like when I’m going to go to the gym and play tennis or my golf matches. Then… my Mastermind work and when I’ll do work with my clients   When Kay is away with work, when she’s seeing friends, and all the other little bits and pieces. Oh and the QPR matches that I’m going to be going to obviously.

We’re going to come out with those three or four hours with a really clear picture and calendar of all the things that we want to do next year.

Rather than waiting for them to happen haphazardly and trying to fit them in, those big rocks, those things that we find…. We find, not you, but we find important to our lives to get us up in the morning and excited, they’re in the diary.  They’re scheduled and we know that they’ll happen.

That’s my little tip, my little message today.  Have a think before you start next year about the things you want to make happen and put them in your diary.

Because if you put them in and you share them with somebody there’s a really, really good chance they’ll actually happen.

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