Why bother?

Knowing-is-not-enough-we-must-apply_-Willing-is-not-enough-we-must-do_-Bruce-Lee-2-1024x1024Last weekend I went to the Small Business Success Summit in London.  There were some great speakers and lots of value as well as plenty of learning opportunities.

What struck me though is that every presenter made the point that all the content was useless unless you did something with it i.e. listed some tangible actions and implemented them.

There was also an understanding that the vast majority of the room, 70 – 80% of the 700 odd people that were there would not move their business forward after getting all that content because they simply won’t do anything with it.

Some of them would have spent several thousand pounds which they won’t use.

Why bother going?

Why pay for a ticket?

Why book hotel rooms?

Why give up 3 days of your life to sit and listen to successful people and then do nothing with the information?

I must go to 6 or 7 events a year and learn stuff.  Now I don’t come home and instantly turn into a raving implementing lunatic but I do some things:

I do make action lists.

I do ask myself if the information can be used in my business or my life.

I do then just fucking do it.

Why wouldn’t I? I’m the implementation coach.

I’m doing it now.

I want to find out why people don’t do stuff, what the barriers are and see if I have any solutions.

So I created a survey form and posted it on Facebook.  I got over 65 responses in a day and let me tell you some of the comments really made me want to reach out and help.  There are clearly people out there who struggle with motivation and self worth who just need some direction and support.

I want to get to around 100 responses.  It’s a nice round number so here’s the link for the form.  http://goo.gl/forms/xr6v8rh6RR.

Add your input and give me some ammunition for upcoming content that I can use to help you.