Carpe Diem

Business man encouraging you to get in touch

I know what it’s like.

Your brain is buzzing.

Full, overflowing.

Things to do, emails to react to, people to call and meet.  Opportunities to follow up on, sales proposals to get out and when are you going to find the time to get those 1:1’s done with the team?

“How was your day?”  you’re asked…

“Busy but I didn’t get any of the stuff I wanted to do DONE.”

It’s a familiar refrain.  One I heard last week, yesterday, this morning.

One I’ll hear tomorrow and next week and next month.

It feels like you’re living in the middle of a never ending to do list.  And all you do is move stuff around on the to do list to feel like you’re doing something – anything.

What if there was a solution?

There is.  It’s not quick, it’s not easy because it involves attitude and behavioural change.

We’re not all ready for that.

In the meantime, here’s a thing…


Sounds simple?  It’s not.

CHOOSE what’s most important to you – not urgent.

Choose what will move you in the right direction, toward your purpose, with intent.

Do those few highest value activities FIRST.

Before email checking, before the chaos ensues.

Take control of your day before it takes control of you.

Don’t know what those priorities are?  Don’t have a purpose?  Most people don’t – It’s rare I speak to someone who does.

That’s okay, that’s the easy bit.

Want help wrestling the inbox, the constant demands, the interruptions – get in touch 

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