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A Day of Inspiration, Challenge and Momentum

This week’s blog has been guest written by Martin Gladdish of The Business Ghost  and gives his take on our event in December.   One thing I learned long ago in my self-employed, one-man-band, solo-entrepreneur career is that going it alone is tough. Later, it became abundantly clear to me that ‘tough’ was an understatement […]


How Daily Habits Can Help Keep Motivation Up

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how forming new habits can create a ‘new normal’ for yourself and help you to stay motivated. Yesterday I was chatting with Robin, one of my clients, who has been implementing this very advice for the last month and a half. I noticed a massive change in […]


Guest Blog: My First Mastermind

This Monday I had the exciting experience of attending my first full Mastermind. I’ve been working with Ash for about six months now, telling others what a Mastermind is and why they should be attending one, yet I’d never had the full experience myself. For those who don’t know who I am, I’m Ash’s admin […]