Consistency Is King


You’ve probably heard by now that it’s the Coronation this weekend. 


It’s a slightly strange moment given that, in my mind, a coronation is something that happened in times gone by… 


Although that’s probably just a thought ingrained due to the footage of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation being in black and white. 


Anyway, it got me thinking about the value of consistency. 


For so long, the Queen was the one constant in people’s lives – as the world around us changed so much, she remained.  


The Royal Family  


In life, consistency is the cornerstone on which success is built – consistency is king.  


We’re all aware of the Royal Family, who they are, their story, and what they represent. And whether you’re a huge fan or not, you can’t deny they’ve been consistent in their commitment.  


And consistency is something we’ve been incredibly conscious of with the puppies, too. Their routine helps to keep them grounded and it means they know what to expect and when.  


Having that clarity is invaluable. 


It does make it easier when they love food and their reward system is entirely centred around treats… but there’s a lesson in there, too!  


When it comes to your prospects and your ideal customers, it’s important that you put the time into figuring out what the equivalent reward is for them… 


Is there something that will entice them to get over the line? 


In business, clarity and consistency are two of the most important fundamental basics you need to achieve success. 


It’s something we’re always focusing on with the Business Clubhouse, helping our clients achieve the clarity they need to reach their goals. 


Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… 


It’s worth saying that consistency is one of the hardest things to achieve in life, not just business. 

Whether you’re trying to get fitter, improving your golf swing or trying to increase revenue in your business, there’s no quick fix. 


It’s about putting in the work each and every day, and getting a little bit closer to where you want to be. And then it’s a case of looking back and realising that when the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months, you’re making serious progress. 


Being there and doing things every single day builds credibility, trust, and familiarity with your clients, customers, and prospects… 

But the hard part is making sure you’re consistent with it. 


Because it’s easy to do something brilliant as a one-off but it’s much harder to do something well day after day, no matter what. 


And that consistency is the foundation we all need. 



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