Couples in Business Together

Can couples run a business together?


It might seem mixing being a couple and business isn't a match made in heaven.

But it does work.  There's no reason couples can't create brilliant business together and it's something that's more common.

Becoming the next Bill and Melinda Gates isn't that far off but there are things to navigate along the way.

Over the last 9 years around a third of my client base has been made of of couples in business together.

It's something that's become a quiet cornerstone of the business and we've got good at working with them to achieve their goals, whatever they are.


"There's nothing else out there like this. Come and and try it, come and see what it's all about - you won't be disappointed"

Carole and Ian Simpson - Keep Phytt & Borough Green Physio

What is a business couple?


"Ash just got us — what we do and why we do it.

Working with Ash has allowed us to take much more time out from day-to-day operations and given us space to work on the business rather than just in it.  

Now we are building our business around us rather than the other way round"

Dean & Marie Haywood - Five Star Furnishing Care


Now known as "Copreneurs", a business couple is one that works together as co-owners of their business.

This can take different forms.  The ones I've come across broadly sit across two types.

The first is where the the wife or partner provides the admin, logistics and finance and the husband the labour or delivery of the product.

Often this arrangement becomes so entwined, an initial part-time role becomes the integral "business building" arm of the business.

The second example is where as a team, the couple have set out to start an enterprise together, taking an equal risk, leaving existing jobs and going for it.

There is also a third type.  This is where one of the couple has a "real job" (sorry, is employed) and ends up supporting the business owner emotionally, strategically and sometimes financially.

And, there is always the couple who run separate businesses but the common entrepreneurial spirit creates a unique and tight connection - these are often called "copreneurial"

Coaching Couples in Business

Working with my clients that are couples is a different challenge.

There's an element of coaching two distinct personalities as well as moving them forwards collectively as a business.

Often there's facilitation involved as well as the advice offered.

Although you'd think having each other as sounding boards would be enough - having an external viewpoint is even more powerful as it exposes the echo-chambers they create together.


Mike & Toria Thorpe - Lighting By Plum

"We needed a ‘third wheel’ who could understand what we wanted to achieve and help us get there.

Ash identified the need, then helped us to define every role in the business. This was challenging as we were both used to doing whatever was needed.

Once we settled into our specific roles, we saw a massive improvement to efficiency & profit.  

One of the most valuable things we learnt is asking the right questions leads you to better answers for your business

We'd fallen into the ‘that’s the way things are done in our industry’ trap.  By Ash asking questions we saw things differently. This set us apart from our competition."

If you're a couple in business and want a different perspective, some alternative ideas and also, the incredible opportunity to spend time with other entrepreneurial couples, get in touch below and we'll see how I can help.