Where You Lead, I Follow

I’m going to apologise early doors for any leadership puns in this one… 


Because at home, we’ve been busy teaching the puppies to walk on the lead in the last couple of weeks. 


And the question at this stage is who’s walking who!  


I’ve always loved animals and I’ve always had a soft spot for dogs – but these last couple of months have been eye-opening.  


On our walks, they’ve had their noses firmly affixed to the ground, sniffing everything in sight and enjoying every moment.  


Who Let The Dogs Out? 


This is nothing to do with the Baha Men and their cheesy disco classic… 


It’s a lot more literal than that! 


The thing with the puppies is that not even doing their proper jobs because they’re supposed to be sighthounds. It’s lucky they’re cute enough to get away with it. 


All in all, they seem to have no goal and no purpose – their only aim is to get everywhere at 100mph.  


And that’s probably not an unfamiliar experience for a lot of business owners. 


Head down, focusing on what’s in front of you and being so busy cracking on with it that you don’t have time to consider any strategy or plan beyond what you can see… 


But that’s pointless if you’re not clear on where you’re heading. 


It’s easy to talk a good game and I could talk the hind legs off a donkey if you let me. 


But I want to focus on taking action. 


Because for all the best intentions, grand ideas, and long-term planning, nothing will ever replace action for having a positive effect on your business and your life. 


So, are you making sure the action you take is congruent with the end goal you’ve designed? 


Life can be all-consuming if we let it be and in the blink of an eye, weeks, months and years can pass us by.  


Which is why I’ll always subscribe to the idea that the best time to do something is yesterday. 


Which is a bit tongue-in-cheek – the point is that there’s always a better time to do something but the next best time to do it is NOW. 


There’s always something that will get in the way of you doing what you want to do with your business. There’s never a good time to do things. 


But much of that is a mindset thing, which is why it’s essential that you flip it on its head. 


Rather than letting things get in the way, make time for doing the long-term strategy stuff and let THAT be the thing that gets in the way of other stuff!  


So, the only question is… 


When are you making the changes you’ve been putting off?

Let me know… 



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