Drive To Survive

Formula One is a sport where only the very best succeed.


Okay, that’s true of pretty much any sport…


But there are only 20 seats at the top table of motor racing, which makes for some of the most competitive and enthralling sporting stories.


And thanks to Netflix’s Drive to Survive documentary series, we get to see what makes those drivers tick, how the Team Principals lead from the front, and just how fine the margins are at the top.


There is no manual to sporting greatness.


The Formula One Story

When you think of the greats, which in F1’s case is currently Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, the one thing they both possess is a relentless will to win.


But outside of that, they couldn’t be more different.


The pressure, expectation, and expectancy are placed upon those drivers every race week and from the moment they head out for their first practice session to their final lap, they’re in the zone.


It’s unusual to get the sort of access that Drive to Survive provides and the narrative arcs always take spectacular twists…


But more importantly, there are crucial lessons in there for all of us.


Because Max Verstappen’s F1 Championship win started almost a year before he was crowned champion, somewhere in a garage at Red Bull HQ.


It started with an idea, a vision, and a long-term plan that was executed to perfection by engineers, designers, leaders, drivers, and a team that all bought in.


The Ultimate Business


In a way, F1 is the ultimate analogy for business because, well, it is a business.


The next series hits Netflix this week and we’re mere weeks away from the next instalment of Formula One kicking off…


And there’s no doubt that Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, and the rest are all planning, testing, tweaking, and perfecting everything ready for a charge for the title.


It’s not just a case of designing a car that they think will be the fastest, popping the best driver in there and hoping for the best.


And Ferrari’s performance last season proves that – despite having a car that looked the fastest in the first two races and two drivers in Leclerc and Sainz that are as good as any on the grid…


They finished a distant second.


And the big question is how can they avoid a similar situation this year?


A question that’s pertinent for all businesses…


So, what’s the big picture with your business? And how can you plan now for success in the future?

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