Elsa was right…

Asian man pointing at a green balloon with the words Let it go on

At this month’s client round table meeting the topic focussed on delivering great customer experiences. Not service but experiences.


I’m biased, but it was a great session with plenty of energy, debate and interaction. I shouldn’t be surprised as I have collected a group of great people around the table, doing great things.


We always have an open question session at the end of the day. An opportunity to put forward a challenge or opportunity that they want the groups insight into.


The two questions that intrigued me were about managing stress in situations where you have no control and letting go. It occurred to me that the answers to the first were closely linked to the second.


In my experience, managing stress is about a few things. Context, trusting yourself and others to deliver, and recognising when to let go of the outcome.


Letting go, of tasks, functions, wanting to be in control is also about trust and context.


If you can’t control it, there’s no point worrying about it.


If you can control it, there’s no point worrying about it.


Worrying about what you can’t control won’t change the outcome and worrying about the second is likely to interfere with the outcome.


To perform at a higher level you need to…


  • Let go of the outcome.
  • Let go of the belief you’re the only person who can do what you do.
  • Let go of the desire to be in control of everything.
  • Let go of your need to see everything that’s happening.
  • Let go of wanting to understand everything.


It isn’t easy (if it was everyone would just do it) but it is pivotal.


Letting go frees you to do the important, non-urgent things.


Letting go gives you back control.


Letting go allows you and your business to grow.


Without exception, every single client and business owner I know who’s showing higher levels of performance has done so by letting go.


It’s rarely pretty and sometimes painful – doing the right things often is – but ultimately gets them and their business where they want to.


If you know you’re not performing at your best and you want to change that, let me know and we’ll until those knots together.

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