Two New (Furry) Additions To The Family 

We welcomed two new members into the family recently… 


Bobby and Lily are our new puppies and they’ve brought unbridled joy to our lives already.  




There’s something powerful about new life that almost feels magical in a way. 


Spring is traditionally the time when new life begins, especially if we’re thinking about the lambing season in farming, and it makes sense. 


After all, we’re heading into the lighter days, and it feels like the year is springing to life just as Bobby and Lily have. 


Learning Lessons From The Greatest Teacher 


We’ve learnt so much about them already. 


The saying goes that experience is the greatest teacher and there’s a lot to be said for that – the full saying also tells us that the worst experiences teach the best lessons but that doesn’t really apply here!  


Thankfully, they’ve adapted to life in their new home SO quickly that it’s hard to remember what it was like without them… 


But we’ve had to adapt a lot quicker than they have. 


It took 4 days in the playpen before we realised that wasn’t fit for purpose… when they’d escaped and were having the time of their lives giving us the runaround!  


The part of having a puppy that people dread is the training – surely it means non-stop misbehaving and ruined carpets, right? 


Well, not necessarily – we’ve already got them to recall, sit AND give their paw. 


We’ll keep working on the rest of their commands but we’re only a few weeks in and we’re already making great progress so there’s no panic here.  


Admittedly it’s because they’re SO focused on food, but it only makes sense to take advantage of that to get their training in as early as possible.  


Seeing The World Through Fresh Eyes 


The thing that’s given us the most joy is seeing the world through their eyes. 


Because everything is new to them, and it means they flit from one thing to the next like butterflies!  


It’s a good experience because it’s always helpful to try to see things from other people’s points of view, particularly when it comes to how your clients and customers experience your offering. 


But the biggest lesson? Just how crucial a routine is for their sake and for ours… 


Which is exactly the same in business. 


If you don’t have the right routine, you’ll never find your rhythm… so how is your routine in your business? Does it need more structure? Let us know… 

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