Even children go off on tangents sometimes but it’s important to keep focused.


Hi, everyone. Ash here with my Quick Friday Message.

What I wanted to talk to you about today is focus.

Last week I was with a group of sixth form students, a group of girls who were doing a young enterprise initiative. We set them a problem about having crashed a plane in the middle of the Australian desert. The detail doesn’t really matter. What they had to do was come up with a number of solutions to the problem that we put in front of them on a time scale.

They got off into their little groups, started working through the problems.

What I found fascinating is how often they’d go off on what I might call solution tangents. They’d think of an idea and they’d go away and explore it. They’d go okay, that’s brilliant and we can do that.

What they hadn’t done was actually solved the core problem that we’d set them. We had to keep bringing them back and guiding them back and saying to them, “Does this actually help you?”

I think as business owners, we do this all the time.

We get faced with problems, we think of something, and then we think of something else and it takes us off.

We solve stuff because that’s what we’re brilliant at, but is it actually helping you solve your core problem?

My message today is focus.

Yeah, we’re brilliant at solving problems, but make sure the problem you’re solving is the one you actually need to solve.

Until next time.


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