Find motivation in your new normal

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”

– John Dryden


This is one of my favourite quotes at the moment.


Probably because it’s a topic that’s been coming up in my Masterminds a lot lately. Like many business owners, I have some clients who really struggle to motivate themselves through the harder days.


If that’s you too, I give this motivation advice:  start forming habits.


Start going for a walk every day, practicing mindfulness first thing in the morning, writing down all your wins before you go to bed. Just make it a habit.


Download an app to remind you, if it helps.


They don’t have to be big habits and you don’t have to start with hundreds at a time, just pick two or three to start with and work on them every day.


Eventually, you’ll find they’ve become habits. In around 66 Days to be exact. 


After that, you add a new habit, then another one and another.


Habits become a part of your life, they change who you are, motivate you and you’ll begin to find your

‘new normal’. 


I don’t want to say “you’ll be a whole new person” because you’ll never be anything other than ‘you’. However, you will be an improved version of yourself, and that’s what we should all aspire to be.


So, sit down some time today and think of four habits you want to create and start working at them now! Remember, it’s 66 days of effort and then you’ve formed a habit.


I assure you, you’ll look back at today and wonder who you ever were without those habits.

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