The importance of finding your reason why


IMG_4212Wow what a week!

Things have been really busy here. Not only have I been delivering to loads of new clients and working on The Implementation Mastermind, I’ve also been working on two other exciting projects that will come to life later this year.  Not to mention that QPR won away!

Both of the latter are collaborations which I’m really excited about and I believe this is because they are both with (different) people that I really like and am looking forward to spending time with as well as working with.

This really got me thinking this week as it’s the half term break and probably like you, life gets thrown into a little bit of chaos with the kids around!

I’ve got Josie for 5 whole days and we’ve done loads of stuff together. On Saturday we spent the day in London. We took a ride on the London RIB which was amazing (you should check it out) had pizza eating races and laughed, loads. The thing is, that time together really reminded me of my “Why”.

I’ve been so busy that despite my passion for balance, I’ve not been the best dad or partner I could have been over the last few weeks. It was really good to just reconnect with the things that drive me, to take back some of that balance and remind myself why it is I do what I do.

As you know I’m also a fan of making sure that the things I do are enjoyable day to day. Yes, I have Josie and Kay in my life to give me purpose but I also want to make sure that when I work I’m making a difference.

What’s the point otherwise?

So, take some time out, spend some time with your why, despite how busy you are and remind yourself why you do what it is you do.

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