Why it’s important to find the ‘right’ people

Ash_outdoor_19aI managed to get to the gym for the first time in a week or so today.  In fact I’ve just got out of the sauna and felt compelled to write this.  I love having a sauna.

Not only is it relaxing physically but it also gives me an opportunity to just sit and let my brain work stuff through in peace and quiet.

Today was intended to be no different.  There were a few people in there already which was fine as there often is and it can be a great chance to chat and meet people if I’m in the mood.

Being an introvert I usually like to be left alone which is what I chose to do today. 

I had a small issue though.  The people knew each and were chatting away about their day.

Now I don’t have a problem with this normally, in fact in often presents a chance to get involved in the conversation.  The thing that bothered me was what they were taking about and the overall attitude.

You see, they’d all had a shit day.  Again, that’s ok, we all do and sharing it with someone is really helpful.

What I struggled with was the blame.

They blamed everyone around them.  Their bosses, their colleagues, their wives for spending all their money, their kids for keeping them awake.  They then started moaning about the temperature of the sauna, how it wasn’t big enough and how the pool was too cold.

I mean, we all like to have a moan on occasion but this lot were putting on an episode of Eastenders right in front of me.

Rather than relax, my internal ‘moan-meter’ started to rise.  I started thinking “I wish they’d shut up; why don’t they piss off somewhere else?”

Just shut up

If you don’t like it, do something about it.

Then I remembered something.

I get to choose who I hang around with.  The people I hang around with don’t moan.   They find solutions, they work at stuff, they don’t place blame and they accept responsibility for their lives and their businesses.

And so do I.

So I took responsibility.  I made an effort to switch off and focus inwardly instead.  I reviewed my day and started to write this blog in my head.  I used it as an opportunity to reflect on how fortunate I am that I have those people in my life.

The whole experience made me smile.   It was a reminder that who you hang around with, matters…  a lot.

I’m off to buy waterproof ear buds