Flutterbys and Batterkillers

Josie butterflyIn my last (business) life, I spent a lot of time working with children.  In fact, over 23 years I suspect those numbers soared into the thousands, if not tens of thousands.

What I enjoyed most was teaching three and four year olds.

Why? Because, it’s fun and because they have an insatiable appetite for doing things.

This is also the greatest challenge with working with them.

They get distracted easily.

We even had a phrase for it.  “Butterfly Syndrome”

You’d be trying to get a three-year old to catch a ball (think koala bear trying to hug a swiss ball) and at the last moment their eyes would see a butterfly flutterby.

Fortunately, we’d be using sponge tennis balls so when it hit them in the face, it generally made them laugh, rather than cry.

Still, often frustrating if hilarious.

There’d be flutterbys everywhere, in the middle of races, in the middle of swinging at a ball, in the middle of picking up the balls or before the lesson had even started.

Off they’d go, chasing after the pretty dazzling flutterby.  They’d jump, hop, stretch and squeal with excitement.  All the while completely focussed on this fleeting opportunity that was completely irrelevant to hitting a tennis ball.

Then they’d come back and you’d have to remind them of what they were doing and they’d refocus for a few minutes.

Until…. “ooohhh , look a batterkiller”.  (That’s caterpillar for those of you that don’t speak ‘tot’.)

You know where I’m going with this…

Just replace three-year old with business owner and flutterby with “social media/email/new technology/or even this post” and read it again.

Now, what were you doing again?





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