Flying High!

As we step back into building our businesses over the next few weeks and months, I thought I’d share a conversation I had with a client just before Christmas.

He was reflecting on the progress he and his business had made over the past 12 months and we got to talking about flying.


He’s a pilot.


He mentioned that our conversations were something he found invaluable in keeping him focussed on the important thing – his destination.


“Every time there’s a challenge or something easier or more exciting to do, you guide me back towards the stuff I need to do to make progress – you keep me on course, just like when I’m flying”.


It turns out that for most of a flight his plane is not pointing to his destination.


You can take off facing the wrong way depending on wind direction. You then change course to take advantage of winds and to avoid birds, pockets of turbulence, air traffic and mountains amongst other things. Even with a flight plan, things are always fluid and he must adjust accordingly.


His job is to alter course in response to these situations and then nudge his plane back towards his destination.


There are scenarios in business that will also throw you off course and situations to be taken advantage of. What you need is someone to help you navigate those and constantly nudge you so you don’t travel too far from your intended destination.


It’s what he does for his plane and passengers, it’s what I do for my clients.


I’m sure you’ve got great intentions for 2024 and if you want someone alongside you poking you in the ribs from time to time to keep you on track, let me know.


I can’t fly a plane but it turns out I can help you navigate.


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