When a 99.6% success rate is failure

Man standing by golf flag

The wait for Rory McIlroy’s 5th major title will have to continue.


Last Sunday, he missed two putts on the 16th and 18th greens within three feet to extend his wait.


The first would have all but confirmed his win.  The second would have at least put him in a play-off with Bryson DeChambeau.


People say he bottled it.


I think there’s something in that.


Pressure gets to the best, especially when self-inflicted.


Rory has made 496 out of 496 putts this season within three feet.


Think about that.  After the US open stats are included, it means he’ll have made 496 out of 498 putts at that distance – that’s a ridiculous success percentage.


Anyone in the world, would take that stat.


It’s incredible.


496 out of 498


  • Basketball shots.
  • Penalties scored.
  • Converted tries.
  • First serves made.


The list goes on.


What about sales conversions?


Lead forms completed.


No one is perfect.


We all miss sometimes.  Probably more often than two out of 498.


In his own words:


“The one word that I would describe my career as is resilient. I’ve shown my resilience over and over again in the last 17 years and I will again.”


The words of a champion.


He’ll take some time out, reflect and talk to the people around him that matter.  I doubt he’ll listen to the outside noise (much) but will instead focus on finding that extra 1% he missed this time.


It’s all any of us can do.  Dust yourself off, take some time out, be kind to yourself and go again (and again).


Focus on the goal, trust the process, turn up and most importantly take the shot.


And Like Rory, don’t do it alone.  Find space to have those conversations with someone who’ll listen, without judgement and help you find that 1%.


You know how to find me.

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