Gordon Ramsay Eat Your Heart Out

I love cooking. 


And when I say cooking, I don’t mean the busy sort of family cooking where you’ve got bath time in 45 minutes, so you need to get something vaguely nutritious on the table pronto. 


I’ve been there and done that… 


Nope, I mean the sort of cooking where I can pour myself a glass of wine and spend hours leisurely creating something wonderful. 


Sunday dinner is a favourite of mine because you can do it a million different ways with different elements – honey roast parsnips, slow-cooked lamb, and the crispiest roast potatoes you’ll ever see. 


But I know I’d be a terrible chef. 


Chef Vs Cook 


The demands are SO different – being able dinner to cook for 2-4 people in 3 hours is one thing… but being able to cook at a constant pace for several hours is completely different. 


You see it when you watch MasterChef. The original version that pits the best home cooks in the country against each other shows several things… 


Firstly, that there are some great cooks out there. Secondly, that time pressure can break even the most talented of people. And thirdly, that being a great home cook and being a great chef are two different things entirely. 


And therein lies the challenge as business owners. 


We all love what we do but when you start your own business, you suddenly find yourself involved in more admin, more finances, and more pressure. 


I’ve been there myself – doing something you love but struggling with the business side of it. 


But it doesn’t need to be that way. 


You can be a great chef AND a great cook, despite them being different skills. And life is all about shining a spotlight on your positives and trying to hide away your weaknesses. 


It’s no great shame, we all have them! I’m pretty sure I’d be awful up front for QPR… as much as it pains me to admit it. 


Shining A Spotlight 


Here’s the thing, if I knew then what I knew now and if I had the support network then that I do now, I’d never make the same mistakes I did. 


We can all say that about some point in our lives but hindsight makes fools of us all and there’s little to be gleaned from being overly regretful.  


I’ll never be a chef, but I’ll always be a great cook… in my own kitchen in the right circumstances with the right ingredients.  


Success in business is often about fostering the right environment around you and your business. 


And that’s something we’re always keen to help business owners like yourself with. 

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