Frozen in Time

Photo of a young Asian girl who lost her life at 27

My sister would have celebrated her 50th birthday today.


I say celebrated ‘today’ but she would have found a way to make it last at least a week.  Seema had an incredibly ability to enjoy life to the full and infecting others around her with that vitality and spark.


She made everyone smile.


She won’t be celebrating, however.  She’s not had a birthday since 2001 when she died, with her best friend in a deliberate car accident in South Africa on her way home from another trip to the middle of nowhere.


She was 27.


She’ll always be 27.


My sister has missed the attacks on 9/11 and in London on 7/7.  The introduction of the European currency, the war in Iraq and the Grenfell disaster – a tower she walked past most days when we were growing up.


She also missed the launch of the iPhone and Facebook, Instagram and twitter, in fact, all social media.  She’ll never know how Harry Potter ends, what happened on ‘Super Saturday’ in 2012 and ‘Super Sunday’ in 2019.


She’d have raged at Brexit and suffered through the lockdowns whilst cheering everyone else up.


She’s missed my child grow into the brilliant person she is today, and she never got to meet Kay, my wife.


I’m incredibly aware since losing her, and more so since my own health scare 18 months ago, that life is precarious.


This weekend marks the end of winter and the start of BST.  It’s the end of the first quarter of the year as well.


How are you getting on?


Those goals you set at Christmas, the plans you created in January, the dreams you have when you started your business – go chase them.


Go travel, ring your parents, arrange to have beer with your mates.  Learn instead of lounging, put the work in and play just as hard as you work.


Get up every day, do what you love and love what you do.  Do it with a smile and if you’re not smiling, change what you do. 


Stop doing the stuff you hate, give it to someone else.  Focus on your genius and be even better at that.


Stop worrying about what others think of you and be kinder to yourself.


Start today.


Not tomorrow.


For some, tomorrow never comes.

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