Abundance doesn’t always mean success

The general school of thought is that having more of a good thing can’t be bad. 


And to a certain extent, I can see the logic. 


But abundance doesn’t always equate to success – because context is important.  


You only have to look at Chelsea FC right now to see how too much of a good thing can cause other issues… 


An expensively assembled squad filled with talent but lacking in certain areas has caused problems because nobody is given the space to excel.  


A Business Owner’s Natural Disposition  


As business owners, we want to grow, improve, and develop. 


It’s only natural, right? 


But crucially, how we go about that and how we ensure that it’s positive growth is what sets apart the successful business owners from the one’s looking for improvement… 


Todd Boehly, the owner of Chelsea, is no fool. He’s had an incredibly successful career in various businesses and investments over the last two decades. 


But equally, he’s entered a business that doesn’t operate in the way that most do and his approach of investing heavily in talent has had negative repercussions. 


A huge part of the problem is that after 20 years, the ownership structure at Chelsea changed completely – new owner, new executive team, and new recruitment team. 


That was followed by a new coaching team (and now another), and that lack of continuity has hit them hard. 


Have You Got A Blind Spot?  


I’ve been guilty of it in the past and I’m sure I’m not the only one, but when your business relies on key people for a long period of time, it can result in blind spots. 


The thing is if that you have the right structure in place, anyone is replaceable because your business is set up to function even if key personnel aren’t available. 


It’s a mistake Chelsea have made at an extremely high cost and it’s a reminder of one of the biggest mistakes most business owners make… 


Because most business owners RUN their businesses; they don’t manage them. 


Which leads to an over-reliance on you as a business owner and that can compound the issue.  


The reality is that Chelsea’s issues aren’t insurmountable and there’s every possibility that in 12 months they’ll be lifting a trophy or celebrating success in one way or another. 


In much the same vein, no challenge in your business is insurmountable either – it just requires careful thought, planning, and effort to change course. 


Sound familiar? If so, it might be worth us having a chat – get in touch and let me know… 

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