Getting What You Are Worth

I love training. There’s something about going to the gym regularly, that energises me and makes me feel good about myself.

When I’m training, it does a lot to help manage my low moods. It changes the whole way I approach my lifestyles, such as eating and drinking.

It’s good for me.

Except that for the last 8 months or so I’ve not trained at all. I convinced myself that it would get in the way of playing golf last summer.  No one likes swinging a golf club when you’re battling post-workout DOMS. That’s delayed onset muscle soreness for those of you wondering.

I fell out of the habit. Three times a week to once in eight months. Not a good place to be.

Giving yourself goals

Now, I don’t do resolutions, but I do set goals, as you know. I like expansive written goals with deadlines.  Goals with an action plan so there’s a path to follow to achieve those goals.

So, as part of my planning in December, I committed to the goal of training again. There’s no desired outcome and no weight target.  An intention to train for the sake of training.


  • Because I’ll feel better
  • I’ll be healthier
  • I’ll be stronger
  • I’ll be more flexible
  • I’ll hit the golf ball further
  • I’ll eat better
  • I’ll drink less
  • I’ll lose body fat
  • I’ll gain bulk
  • I’ll keep low moods at bay
  • I’ll sleep better
  • I’ll have more energy

All excellent reasons…

So, I decided to find a new gym. Partly because a new environment would help kick-start the habit.   Also, because one of the reasons, I stopped training was because I didn’t like my existing gym. We have limited options. Small villages, no big populations and I don’t want to travel. Time is precious and whilst important, I don’t want to add 40 minutes travel to my sessions.

I asked around and one of my networks suggested a gym in my village that she said was excellent. Sarah is a trainer and I respect her opinion, so I figured I’d give it a go.

I had a look on the website and noticed a few things immediately. Loads of testimonials and case studies. A clear model and the price.

I’m used to paying anything between £40 – £70 for a monthly gym membership. This gym is much more than that, starting at £150/month. Compared to other places I’ve used this is a lot of money, for a gym…

I figured I’d give it a go. These things are all relative. My golf membership is a similar price and I pay that. I’ll probably save that much in red wine if I’m not mistaken too!

Process brings progress

The process started with a meeting with Matt the owner and head trainer. I quickly realised this was more about him checking me out than the other way around.

You see, this gym is all about results and he wants to work with people who commit. This way, they get more results which reinforces the model they use and attracts more of the right people.

I’ve not joined a gym but a coaching programme that happens to be in a gym

The initial meeting had an interesting question within it.

“How often will you train, Ash?”

My response of “I hope to get in twice a week” was met with silence. I got the feeling that twice a week is scraping committed. I got the feeling that If I’d said once a week, I may not have been let in.

It’s all about results.

Knowing where you started

The second assessment had a full body check-up. We got baseline weight, height and stretch points.  He measured body fat % (in at least seven different places), and we had a discussion about what I wanted to achieve.

How many pull-ups can I do? How long a plank. Photos of me front on, side on, back to camera. I see some before and afters coming up soon.

It’s all about results and if you don’t know your starting point, how can you measure progress?

Then I get a food diary for two weeks that I must keep with guidelines of what to eat.  What not to eat and what to drink in the morning.

There’s information on how much sleep to have and how late I should be eating. This is all on top of the 27-point survey.

It’s all about results. Training alone isn’t enough. It’s a lifestyle. Having a clean car with no oil in it is pointless. Your body is the same.


Building strong bases

I then have a programme created for me which is all about structural stability. Giving me a solid foundation to build on.

It’s all about results. We won’t get results if I break in the first couple of weeks. So, let’s create a base to build on.

And finally, after two visits I get to hit the floor and have my induction. Gosh, I’m weak!

So, from wanting to join a gym I’ve ended up with a training programme that I need.

There’s been

  • An initial meeting
  • A goals session
  • A full body assessment
  • Food diary
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Sleep advice
  • Personal programme
  • Technical induction
  • Minimal standards outlined.

And, there’s more.

  • No phones in the Gym, they want you to focus.
  • I turn up and there’s an iPad waiting for me with my programme all set up and ready to follow.
  • They have their own app.

This was the thing that sealed it for me. One of the challenges I had with my previous gym was that it was in a school. So, after 2 pm it was full of testosterone-fuelled 17 and 18-year-old lads.  Lads taking up space and using their phones instead of getting on with it. Even in the mornings, I’d have to wait for equipment to be free as it was so busy.

Here, you need to book your training slots. Not only personal training slots but free training. Matt only allows six people in the gym at one time.

It’s all about results. Let’s take away the excuses.

No waiting around.  Get in – train – get out.


Especially for me with a packed day and a business to run.

I love my barber, but if he did appointments I’d probably go in twice as often and he’d get double the business from me…

Two weeks and I’d say I’m back in a habit. I like the environment, I like the people, the tech and most of all the model.

I’m looked after.  Matt is always available to help, and he always seems to be around when I’m not working hard enough – uncanny.

Results reap rewards

It’s all about results.

My £150/month is starting to look like great value. I don’t resent it, it’s a price worth paying to get the results I want.

There are no contracts either. Membership is on a rolling basis. They back themselves to deliver so why tie people in and create potential resentment?

It’s all about results. They do their job, I do mine and boom. If I don’t get the results, it’s because I’ve not done the work. Not them.

I know at some point; I’ll be asked for a case study/testimonial and I’ll happily oblige because I’ll get results.

Everything is set up for it – all I need to do is turn up and trust their process.

The right people will pay the right fee for the right process and for the right results.  Matt understands his market. It’s a small niche. He’s okay with that because the right people will do the work and get the results he wants, and they want.

There’s a big difference between a gym at £70 and a process at £150.

The process will get you to where you want to get to because it’s proven to work.

People want proof.

People want results.

Give them both and they’ll pay for it.

And, you’ll get what you’re worth.

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