Green Fingers?

2015-10-31 11.31.26 I’m sitting in Tenerife airport waiting to get on a plane home after a fabulous week in the sunshine. Whilst we were in the hotel, we went on a 3 hour botanical tour of the gardens which was led by a guide who was funny, knowledgeable and engaging.

Not only did he have a vast array of facts about the many plants we saw in those 3 hours but he shared stories about their origins and individual quirks. He did this in Spanish, English and German and he was Dutch.

In itself this really impressed me. This was (approximately) his thousandth walk (yes, we were the best he’d had), yet he never came across as anything less than truly passionate about both his role and his subject. I got the impression that curtailing the stories was a real effort or the walk would have been several hours longer.

Ahhh… there’s that word again…. passion…

And this is what really struck me. I come across people all the time who have chosen to go into their businesses with initial feelings of fervour and excitement but our conversations all too often revolve around everything that is going wrong with their business and their lives. Now I never got our guide’s name but I can’t for a moment imagine him complaining about his role at the hotel.

I suspect he’s been doing the same talk now for around 20 years, he must be in his late 60’s yet his attitude, bearing and childlike enthusiasm for everything green around the grounds was infectious. He was also incredibly passionate about sharing his love of the plants with anyone who would listen.

I love being outdoors but 3 hours, listening to some dude prattle on about plants…..

I loved it…

Or rather, he made me love it. He didn’t force it on me, I just got caught up in his wonder and love for his subject because of the way he engaged and shared.

And here’s the thing that got me writing this blog. His passion converted me.

His passion got me looking around me in wonder

His passion got me looking around the ground for seeds to bring home

His passion enabled me to appreciate flowers I’d not “seen” in 4 days because I hadn’t been looking properly.

This guy could have been doing a talk on toilet roll and I’d be sitting here sweating over getting my suitcase through customs filled with the Canarian version of Andrex.


He smelled of it, he spoke with it, he laughed with it, he shared it….

Are you sharing yours?

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