Guest Blog: My First Mastermind

This Monday I had the exciting experience of attending my first full Mastermind.

I’ve been working with Ash for about six months now, telling others what a Mastermind is and why they should be attending one, yet I’d never had the full experience myself.

For those who don’t know who I am, I’m Ash’s admin girl and business support. I also work for many other clients too, offering them things like social media presence, email campaigns and research (the list goes on … I wont).

I’m great at helping my clients with their own businesses … but I’m a total newbie when it comes to my own.

On Monday I got to sit in a room with other business owners, all of whom had varying experience and strengths.

At first I felt a little like an imposter. A toddler who’d accidentally been sent to big school. “How could I possibly hold my own with people who seem to know exactly what they’re doing?”

But, here’s there thing, NOBODY knows what they’re doing ALL of the time.

Ok, they still know a lot more than me … but talking about problems or opportunities with outside perspective has a tendency to bring up different issues, fresh ideas and make you draw conclusions you wouldn’t necessarily have come to alone.

By the end of the day I truly felt like a valued member of the group. I’m genuinely excited to go on my journey with these people, and watch their continuing journey too.

I realised that, no matter what stage you’re at in your business career; whether you’re still working out what to call your business, deciding the best way to grow it, or even if you’re starting to put in place a contingency plan for retirement, having that support and advice is invaluable.

I also left on a serious high. I felt infinitely more positive and motivated. I set ambitious yet realistic goals. And I know that if I don’t achieve (or at least work hard on them) I have a room full of people to berate me for it!

Ok, I didn’t need to attend a Mastermind to know all of these things. This is the stuff I hear from Ash’s Mastermind clients on a regular basis.

So, what did I learn that I didn’t already know?

Being a newbie business owner didn’t make me any less than anyone else in that room. I’m in the group to get help and support.

The fact of the matter is, no matter how long you’ve had your business you will ALWAYS need help along the way. After all, even the top CEO’s have business coaches.

And, as Ash pointed out to us on Monday, We are the CEO’s of our companies.

Even if, right now, you’re doing every other job as well, you can’t forget that being CEO is just as important as the other jobs.

Amy Hill

CEO (and everything else) of Amy The Admin Girl


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