Today I’m taking about the frustrations of working in this weather and how that relates to business

Hi, It’s Ash here with my quick Friday message.

Really, really Quick one today. It’s really, really hot and all I’m hearing from people is “Oh my God it’s hot. I can’t work it’s too hot. I’m too sweaty. It’s really difficult. I can’t concentrate.”

You know what, it’s hot. Get over it. Deal with it. It’s beautiful. It will all end in a week and then we will be back to cold and miserable and windy and then we’ll moan about that as well.

You know what, it’s exactly the same in business.

There are times in your business where you are going to be really, really hot. Everything is going really well. You’re going to be very busy, and you’ll complain about being busy.

Then there will be times when it will be really, really cold and you’ve got no work. You’re sitting around going “I wish the phone would ring.” And we moan about that as well.

My point is make the most of the time you have when you’re hot.

When you’re really, really busy, you need to keep marketing. You need to keep making sure that you’ve got people knocking on the door when it does get cold.

When it is cold make sure you are not busy, make sure that you are using that time to build your processor. To build your systems. To put your marketing in place.

So that when you’re hot, all that marketing continues without you in the background.

That’s my little quick message today.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Stop moaning about it. Have some fun with it. Go and jump in a pool or something or have a cold shower.

Have a brilliant weekend, and I will catch up with you next week.

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