How was it for you?


So, how was January for you?

Did you work hard with a refreshed focus and newfound energy?

Did you lay out clear goals and a plan to get there and start to smash through them?

Did you introduce any new disciplines or habits?

Did you stay off Facebook?

Did you decide that this is the year where you finally stop messing about and “make it”?

How are you getting on?

We’re a 12th through the year already and it won’t be long till it’s a 6th

Are you on target or is the energy running low. Are you maybe feeling a touch disheartened about the results you’re getting vs the time you’re putting in?

I’m pleased with my progress so far; smashing through the book, launched The Implementation Club, started a top secret new project, went to the gym and even had a holiday!

What about you?

Stick to it…


Here’s the thing and it’s a simple thing. Success comes at the end. It’s not an overnight thing; it’s not an instant moment. It takes hard work and it can be boring and it can be frustrating.

Keep plugging away because everything you do today will play a part in who you become tomorrow. It won’t show instantly but your behaviours will slowly create invisible foundations that will become habits and that will become that version of success in time.

It’s like the saying; “you are what you eat”

It’s true…. you are. “That bag of crisps won’t hurt me.” And you’re right, it won’t…. today. But that bag added to the bag you have in a few days time and the one next week and the ones next month, they will – have you not noticed how bellies are crisp shaped?

No?…. Just me then.

Now the good news…

This works the other way around as well.

Making 3 follow up calls today won’t build you a business…. today. But making those calls today and tomorrow and the day after and next week and next month…. They will

Even if you can’t see it today.

No one wakes up one morning, looks in the mirror and says “whoaaa…. where did that belly come from? That wasn’t there last night; how do I take this thing off me?”

It creeps up on you. It’s not a bad thing; it’s not an evil thing; it’s just a thing. Fat is remarkably successful.

So make those calls, send those letters; write your copy, tweak your sales pages, refine your PPC ads, adjust your phone message (you do have one right), ask for the sale and have the conversations.

Whatever it is you need to do, however small…

Do it, everyday

I promise you this; you won’t wake one morning with a booming lifestyle and think “Whoaa… where did that come from?”

It’ll creep up on you, it’ll build, layer upon layer, piece by piece…

Because you’re just as successful as fat is, you just can’t see it…. today

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