How to balance work and family life

It was a really lovely sunny morning in October as I walked in the park with my daughter. Not that I noticed how lovely it was as I never seemed to notice anything in those days. We could have met the Gruffalo walking the other way and it wouldn’t have registered with me at all. Why? Well, because I was taking a business call for the fourth or fifth time that morning.

The first thing I did notice on that particular day was when my phone was suddenly snatched out of my hand and I watched, mouth open in shock, as it sailed into the middle of a bush by the side of the path.

“You’re always on the phone daddy, why don’t you play with me?”

My first reaction was anger (it was a new phone) and then a real feeling of sadness and frustration. You see, I was important, I had a new business, I had clients and potential clients but I had forgotten that I was also important to Josie; and what was the point of all that business and work if I didn’t have a reason to build it for?

The worst thing was? It was her birthday.

I resolved to change, we always make these promises to ourselves, usually on January 1st each year but you know what? I knew that it would be a passing promise and that I needed the right tools to help me change my behaviour and habits. So, I made a call (on my spare phone) to my business mentor and he suggested I attend a workshop he was running. I attended, cynically because we’re all cynical but that day completely changed my life.

2 years I now have much better clarity, focus and a system that keeps me on track when disorganised Ash occasionally rears his head. I know what’s important in my life, I know how and when to prioritise it. I know how to set goals, I recognise what motivates me and most of all I have real balance in my life. I reckon that one day gave me back about a month of time a year but it wasn’t just about managing time, that bit’s easy, it was about understanding what the important things were to spend my time on.

I play more golf, go to the gym 3 times a week see my friends more and even speak to my mum occasionally! Most importantly I spend quality time with Josie, the phone is off and we’re able to focus on each other and I’m also building 3 businesses, not one.

I’m also now in a position to run these workshops myself and help other people lead better balanced, productive and more profitable lives.

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