How to remove the ‘buts’ and just do…

image_w174h200f3Well, that’s not entirely true…

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with someone.  She was talking about her goals and what she wanted to achieve, but how she was struggling to motivate herself to get things done to make her goals come to fruition.


I spent quite a bit of the conversation just listening to her vent frustration and then started asking a few questions.

Simple questions to try and find out the reasons why she wasn’t doing the things she needed to do.

After a while I noticed that almost every one of her answers began with “but”

But my staff don’t care”

But I’m too busy”

But that’s really hard”

But no one’s done it like that before”

But I know I should but….”

Now, to get two But’s in an answer is going some.

I mean Sir Mix-A-Lot would have been proud.

So you see I do like big But’s.  There’s usually something behind (or in front of them) that’s generating the excuses and it’s great when you help someone find a solution.

So, I have a challenge for you if you want to take it up.  See if you can start answering questions or facing challenges without starting from a ‘but’ position.

Not easy but….