How to stay on track and reach your final goal

My car is a little poorly.  It needs to go to the nice man who fixes Audis to have its temperature checked and get some TLC.

It’s perfectly driveable but just doesn’t ‘feel right’.

So for the last couple of days I’ve been borrowing a car from my partner/girlfriend/other half/significant other – what is the name for that when you’re 40 odd anyway?

It’s a perfectly nice car but it’s not my car.

It’s not quite as fast, not quite as comfortable and I have to drive it in a completely different way because of the lack of power.  I’ve also had to ‘think’ about how to drive it.  Once I got over myself I did realise that it’s far more manoeuvrable, easier to park and actually quicker when throwing it around town.

It meant I took a couple of different routes than normal.  I also realised that ‘thinking’ about how I drove was a good thing.  It made me aware; I possibly improved as a driver as I’ve driven consciously instead of subconsciously.

It got me thinking. 

Driving a different car was a pain.  It could have been really messy.  At one point I found myself trying to work out how to adjust the seat (again) whilst finding the headlamp switch and getting the wipers to work as it had started raining.  This was at the same time as negotiating traffic in the middle of London.

What I didn’t have to worry about was where I was going. I knew my destination.

It didn’t matter that my vehicle had to change, that I had to learn a few new things.  I got to where I was going because I knew where that was.  I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I was looking for road signs, or checking the SatNav on my phone.

You see, things in your business are also not going to ‘feel right’ from time to time. They may even need replacing or fixing.  You might need to change processes, systems, suppliers or staff.  This can completely derail some people.  They allow the disruption to throw them off course and they suddenly find themselves lost.

However, if you’ve got a clear destination or goal you don’t have to worry about where you are heading.  You just need to focus on making best use of the tools that are available to you.

Sure, you may have to slow down, make some adjustments and redefine what’s comfortable but with a clear destination, you’ll be able to stay on track and keep moving in the right direction.


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