Our two puppies Bobby and Lily turn a whole one year old on Monday.  Although litter mates, they couldn’t be more different.

Lily is complex, lacks confidence, demands affection on her terms and usually the one causing mischief.

She’d make a very good cat.

Bobby is simple, endlessly enthusiastic and smothers you with affection.

He also eats like a horse.

Every meal is treated as if it’s the last one he’ll ever have.  He inhales it.

I’m having to train him to wait, to understand we have a process which mean he will always get food. He’ll never be hungry.

It’s not dissimilar to working with some of my clients.

There’s an inbuilt need to rush from job to job, saying yes to everything without stopping in case tomorrow there is no work.

It’s exhausting.

When you do build those habits and rhythms you get a flow of leads, which means better pricing and an ability to pick and choose your work.

One of our clients has now had back-to-back best months ever for 6 months running.


By understanding what works and implementing consistency.


Sound appealing?


If you like the feast/famine feeling ignore this.


If you don’t, why not get in touch? Think of me as an indigestion tablet for your business.  

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