Isolation in Business & How a Community Helps

Isolation — it’s one of the harsh realities of business.

You’re the one in control. You make the decisions. Often, you work by yourself and you don’t see many people.

Let’s face it: it gets lonely.

It doesn’t have to stay that way, though.

You can change it all by joining a community.

Why join a community?

Think of the word ‘community’ and I imagine that, automatically, you think of togetherness. It’s quite a nice thought — and why not? Community is about supporting each other and being there for each other, but there are all sorts of benefits you can reap when you join one in business:

Building connections

All entrepreneurs should (and do) understand the power of networking in business. It’s a no-brainer.

Joining a community allows you to make connections. In time, you’ll get to know these connections well enough to refer them (and they’ll be able to do the same for you).

You can help each other out. As a result, not just yours, but other businesses in your community can grow, too (business isn’t always about locking horns with the rest of the market).

All the while, you’re also building trust. Doing right by each other will carry you forward.

Exchanging knowledge

Wouldn’t it be terrific if we knew it all?

Just think… if we could grow and grow our business… no setbacks, no false starts, no fluctuations? We were just constantly on the up.

We don’t know it all, though, and there will be times when business is slow. Then there will be others when it’s all happening for us.

Joining a community offers that opportunity to exchange tips with other entrepreneurs. You could receive a valuable tip that boosts your business in a slow period.

If you have a big decision to make, being part of the community can help you. You can gain insight and perspective that helps you reach that decision.

Get yourself out of the office

As we’ve already discussed, it gets lonely at the top. The joy of a business community is that they host professional events, which gives you an excuse to cut back on those late nights and weekends in the office.

This is important because if you don’t get out, eventually, you’ll burn out.

That’s not good for you or your business.

Spending time in a business community is refreshing. You’ll be amongst like-minded people who may trigger new ideas.

Opportunities for business

It’s not just new contacts you’ll make when you join a community; you’ll also create new opportunities for business.

You’re likely to meet people who will need your service or product — if not that, then they’ll introduce you to somebody who does.

Being active within a community often leads to new leads, sales or revenue.

One thing to note is that you should never turn into a pushy salesperson and start pitching your business to others. No one likes that.

If someone asks what you do, give them a quick elevator pitch. Then leave it at that, unless they show further interest.

The key word here is ‘value.’ Focus on providing value and being engaging. You’ll attract a lot more interest in you and your business.

You get to put your name out there

Promoting yourself in business is part of becoming successful. As I suggest above, that doesn’t mean imposing yourself on other people in the community at every given opportunity.

No, but you do get to raise awareness about your business and what you can do for people. There’s scope to increase your visibility if any media decide to shine a spotlight on you.

One of the crucial things to remember is that people do business with companies that feature familiar faces. By being present in the community, people will start to recognise your business when they see you.

Some final thoughts

Being a self-made man or woman is all very respectable, but the truth is we don’t get by in business without a bit of support.

We receive it from our friends and our family, but also from people in the business world. That’s where joining a community can lend a welcome hand.

They can introduce us to new resources, useful connections, fresh perspectives and interesting opportunities for business.

By allowing us to escape from the office, they help to enhance our wellbeing, too.

Isolation is normal in business, but it doesn’t have to be your norm.

Join a community.

They’re waiting for you.

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