It’s a choice..

I would like you to think about something for a moment…

I’m sitting here recording this in my garden today – why am I in my garden?

Because I can be… that’s what I want you to think about

I get to choose… just like you get to choose

Where I work, how hard, when…

It’s these choices we make that can massively impact the life we have

Being a biz owner is fantastic – we became biz owners to be able to have choices, to be able to choose to have a life that isn’t dictated to us by other people.

But we end up owning our own jobs. We end up at spending so much time at the whim of other people, dealing with emails, focussing on things to her people want us to do all the time instead of doing what you want to be doing.

So stop and have a think – why did you start your business?

Was it so you can be at the whim of everyone else working 100 hour weeks for less money than you could get in a job; or is it so you can choose to do some of the nice things like spend your time in the garden, working in the beautiful sunshine…

Because you do have a choice….

Take care….


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