It’s a question of perspective


Vision Board 2015I met a friend for breakfast earlier this week.

We hadn’t caught up properly in a while and whilst we were sharing our relative journeys it was really interesting how many parallels our stories had.


There were a couple of things we talked about that really stood out for both of us.

We had been talking about the fact that neither of us wanted to go back to our earlier lives of all work and no play.  

Both of us have done the 80 hour week, got burned out and visited emotional places neither of us want to see again.

We’ve both made a conscious choice to do things differently this time around.  For me it’s certainly reflected in the way I manage my time.  I make a conscious effort to allow time for the things I want to do when I want to do them.

After all, I’m the boss.

You see, in some ways I consider myself retired.

Not in the sense that I have stopped working.  I just don’t see the point of working for 50 years and then be too old to enjoy what this one life has to offer.

So I work really hard on my life as I do on my business.  And I do work hard on my business.

I make time to spend quality uninterrupted time with Josie

We have date night every week

I make time to play golf and go to the gym

I make time to see friends, to watch QPR

We fill up our days with trips and wandering round London.

We talk instead of watching TV and read instead of playing video games

I have balance in my life because I choose it and I choose to make it happen

Some might call me lazy

I say it’s a question of perspective