It’s about the learning

2016-02-19 22.39.52Josie’s currently picking her GCSE’s.  They were called something else in my day but I guess things change…

Or do they?

When asked what she was doing, I got the usual “Math, double science, English, Spanish (hate German and I can’t do French cos it clashes), and I think Geography”.

Then she has her “options”….

“Probably Drama, not P.E and I like History.

I’d like to do I.T because it will be useful but I’m not that good at it so I’ve been advised not to….”


“Advised not to do it because she’s not that good at it?”

How does that work?

Her teachers are so bothered about meeting OFSTED standards that they’re discouraging children to do subjects they enjoy and will be useful but may not make the grade in.

It’s not their fault – it’s the system’s.

Essentially creating a situation where we minimise failure and make ourselves look good

Makes me mad!

I suggested to Josie that the whole point of going to school was to learn.  That perhaps the fact that she isn’t that good at I.T. is the best reason to study it.

That maybe, getting an A* (whatever a * is meant to be) isn’t the goal here.  That the goal is to learn.  After all isn’t that the point of education?

Don’t we do this to ourselves in business as well though?

Cover up our ignorance with pretty stuff. 

Spend our time working on things we already know we can do – whether they work or not?

Investing ourselves in the safe stuff, the stuff that gives us that feeling of completion, of achievement.  Stuff we can tick off the to do list.

Stuff we tell ourselves we “should” do rather than the stuff that is relevant and purposeful.

Maybe we still think we’re at school.  Maybe we’re still scared of not making the grade.  Maybe we’re so focussed on getting the A* in what we’re comfortable in, that we forget to spend any time learning new stuff that will move us forward.

Stuff that will help us grow.
Stuff that will improve us as business owners.

Improve our marketing
Our sales
Our numbers

Maybe it’s not about being an A* student….

Maybe it’s just about the learning, the education

Josie’s decided doing I.T is good idea….

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