It’s Important

whats-important-now-signI’ve got this friend.  Let’s call him John.  He’s a really good guy (my friends tend to be).

Recently his wife was having a few pains which got so bad she ended up in hospital.  It was quite a stressful time and as you can imagine he was quite affected by the situation.  She ended up having an operation fairly swiftly and is now recovering really well.

The downside is her inability to drive whilst she recovers and that means ‘John’ is going to have to ferry her around and be chauffeur for several weeks.  He’s also going to want to just be there for her which is right and proper.

The trouble is that John runs his own business.  He does okay.  Nice house, nice car although he doesn’t play golf anywhere near often enough.  The other challenge he has is that his business has been reliant on him for some time now.  He would do the marketing, the consultations and the delivery of the service.  

He’s really good at what he does.  Outstanding in fact so it’s been really difficult to transform the business so it’s not all about him.

He’s battled with this transformation.  He hides from the admin and the boring processes stuff but he’s persevered. He’s written stuff down. He’s introduced systems and processes alongside a few staff to help him.  Not many, and he’s picked people he likes.  The truth is that John isn’t great at managing people.  He’d really rather be working in his attic office where he can do all the technical stuff of the business that he feels confident about.

Despite this he’s improved and accelerated his marketing and even put himself on video (which he hates) and this has meant a steady flow of prospects which he and his team are converting into customers.

What he’s discovered is that he’s starting to feel like he’s got a proper business.  It’s not there yet but it’s certainly on the way.  He has a full time administrator and marketer and he even has a full time consultant to service much of the work his marketing is generating.  He even smiled on one of his videos recently.

Although he’s battled he has recognised that all the work he’s put in has meant he is able to look after his wife.  The business won’t fall apart.

It’s not been easy for him and he’s really had to step outside of his comfort zone to challenge himself into doing a number of things he wasn’t confident with, but he’s getting there.

“Strange when this kind of stuff happens that it really makes you take a step back and assess.  I feel great that I have Rafa and Benitez* on board and they have been brilliant…I’m also thinking about how I look at, approach and manage the business from here”.

He’s reaping the benefits of what he’s introduced into the business when, initially he couldn’t see what was wrong with working the way that he used to.  He gets that success isn’t about the money or the bigger house or the faster car.  For him, it’s about having the time to do the things that are important, like being there for his wife.

He gets the whole pre-tirement thing, that his business exists to fund his lifestyle today.

You never know, I might get him to play more golf next.

*Obviously Rafa and Benitez aren’t the real names of his staff.

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