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IMG_5094Wow, what a week.

You may have seen on Facebook that I’ve been having a few issues with my laptop.  In fact I’m currently borrowing a desktop with what seems like a huge keyboard to write this on.

The blue screen of death.

If you’re a Microsoft user or ever been one, the chances are you know what I’m talking about (these keys are really far apart by the way).

🙁    your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart
we’re just collecting some data and then we’ll restart for you


I have no idea what that means but it sounds ominous.  It’s fine when you get it once but here’s the thing.  I’ve been getting it every 45 minutes or so.  Totally randomly, no discernible pattern at all.

So my working pattern for the last few days has been based around how much I can get done in little spurts of activity before my laptop explodes in my face! (That’s what it feels like anyway).

I don’t think I’ve ever been more productive!

I mean, I rate myself pretty highly when it comes to productivity and making the most of my time but this is a whole new game.  I feel a little bit like a bomb disposal expert in a cheesy Hollywood movie.  I’m having to work at pace and save stuff all the time.

I’ve found that if I just do 15 minutes and then save, I never lose more than 15 minutes of work when it does go boom.

What’s even more incredible is that I’m finding myself actually finishing stuff in that 15 minutes and any time I get beyond that is basically a bonus.

This seriously got me thinking.  I’ve had a few things to get done and although I have access to this machine I’m borrowing I’m applying the same principle of 15 minutes.

Not having a laptop has also got me really thinking about what I’m actually doing.

I have no emails.  At all (sorry if you’re trying to get hold of me), no budget, no distractions.

This machine doesn’t have  my passwords saved for all the random online stuff I access when my mind wanders.

I am 100% focussed on my 15 minutes and I’m smashing through stuff.

So it got me thinking about whether I could use this as a strategy to overcome those times when you’re feeling a bit “meh”.

You know, those days when everything is happening at once but you’re not getting anywhere.

Days when you look at your clock and realise 4 hours have gone past and you’ve done nothing worthwhile (other than reach level 76894 of sweet smash epic).

So the next time you find yourself sending inappropriate LinkedIn requests to lawyers with “stunning” profile pictures instead of working try this:

1. Find 15 minutes and block it out in your diary – completely uninterrupted.

2. Work out the best use of that time – no emails or social media.  Instead go for quality “important but not urgent stuff” Stuff that will impact on you but there’s no externally driven pressure.  Pick ONE thing.

  • write thank you notes to clients
  • arrange an amazing date night
  • research a prospect thoroughly
  • brainstorm a headline

3. Make your 15 minutes sacrosanct

  • use your “do not disturb unless building is on fire” sign
  • leave the office without your phone
  • no emailing
  • no social media (especially LinkedIn)

4. Get your bloody head down – be focused, smash through stuff.  Don’t daydream, just work like you’re Indiana Jones running from that big ball of stone.  Do it.

Set aside this time everyday and I’m confident you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in such a short period of time.

Enjoy it and let me know how you get on!

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